Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday, part 2

I've come across a "new to me" blogger today and thought it would be fun to be part of his Sunday linky.

The blog is Molli Sparkles and the subject is what one has added to the stash, etc., this particular week.

So, here goes....

As I said in my previous post, I didn't buy much at Quilt Canada. As I was almost out the door, though, I stopped at a booth closest to the exit. They had a basket of hand-dyed fat-eighths priced at five for $10. Not bad, I thought.

Well, when the vendor saw I was wearing a button saying I was a member of CQA, she said I then get to pick 15 of them for $10!!!


I already have a couple of uses for these bits of fabric. What a great deal!

As I write this it's turned into a lovely evening. It was so very hot today....we didn't accomplish much except for planting a couple of rose bushes that someone got as a Father's Day gift.

 After just a bit of exertion I was out of breath. I noticed later on the weather report that we were under a poor air quality alert....that explains it. The heat also explains why I had to take off my fingers had swollen a bit in the heat!

Puppy report

The pups are coming along great. After dinner, once it had cooled off a bit we brought the pups out for a bit...
I'm linking up with Sunday Stash with Molli Sparkles, whom you can find here.

Have a lovely evening!

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