Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Singing the blues....

Does anyone else get blue this time of year? 

Does anyone use one of the lamps to help you get a bit more "daylight" to help your mood? If you find it helps???

This hits me every year in February...I almost thought I was getting away with not getting the blues this year, but last week it hit me hard. The only consolation...Spring will be here soon and the days are certainly getting a little longer.

Something cheerful?...I actually finished my One Monthly Goal for this month!

My goal was to have all the blocks completed for my Farm Girl Vintage....and here they are...

It's almost unbelievable to me that I have the blocks done...this has been an ongoing UFO for a couple of years now....not that that's too unusual, right?? lol

A note to myself...When I begin Farm Girl Vintage 2 I think I'll stick to muslin or a pale solid as a background. I'm wondering if the background in this version is a little busy????

Another "cheerful" impulse buy of this knitting book, which showcases the knitting style of  knitters from Newfoundland....

I'm determined that'll be the end of impulse-buying for a while! 

So sorry to be such a debby-downer....maybe a little extra stitching today will help :)

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Friday, February 14, 2020

On the design wall...

It's the coldest day of the far. Why does this weather seem to translate to being a sew day? I don't know, but I'll run with it!

I've done a bit of catch-up sewing this morning. First on the agenda was my temperature quilt for 2020...

I'm really liking this. Each goose represents the forecasted high temperature in Celcius for each day. Today I got to use a new colour for -8 degrees!


I've been working on a Leaders and Enders project for a few months. Today I arranged what I have completed so far on to the design wall....

I have two small bins next to my sewing holds 1" strips of lighter scraps...the other has 1" strips of darker strips. The centres of my log cabins are orange 1.5" squares. 

These are made into log cabin blocks that are 4.5" unfinished. I know there is not a lot of contrast, but hopefully enough. This is truly what a quilt means to me, using up the scrappy bits.

 I think I'll carry on until I get a full-sized quilt because I can tell already that I'm going to love this quilt!


I'm taking a BOM class at my LQS in Waterford, Quilt Junction...the pattern is My Kinda Town.

I completed the first block in modern fabrics, which I do love...but the block wasn't really doing it for me. Then I had the idea of using my leftover Japanese taupes from my Queen's Garden quilt. 

Here are my two blocks...I'll have to re-do the one on the right...

I am linking up with My Quilt Infatuation....then I am headed to Caledonia to the local radio station to pick up my prize...I won a contest for a Valentine's dinner for Saturday night....woohoo!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Lazy Sundays

I feel like it's been a lazy day...not sure why, as I just took some time this morning to finish up a quilt on the longarm. 

I don't usually work on a Sunday but this week may turn itself a bit upside-down, so I thought it was a good idea to get a head-start on the week.

I did start my day, however, as always.....with a bit of hand-stitching.

I've been taking part in an easy Instagram sewalong called #scrapbagsampler. When the sewalong is done there will be a tutorial on making a little tote of some kind with the blocks.

The block I completed today is the hexie give you an idea of scale, it measures 2.5x6.5. None of the blocks have taken very long at all. I especially liked learning the wonky star with the two fabrics in the star points, and I liked the curvy one.

I've been taking part in a knit-along, also, learning two-at-a-time socks on 9" circular needles. You have to post a picture of each step before getting the next set of instructions.

These are pretty basic socks, but you have to make these in order to progress to the more intricate ones. 

Much to my surprise, I have liked working on these short needles. I didn't think any method would beat out DPN's for me. Live and learn.

I just had a few rows to knit this morning to get me up to where I needed to be.

Then I switched over to my applique....what a productive morning!....although the first two projects didn't actually take too long at all.

I want to finish the Animal Album blocks that have been started before deciding what will come next.

The squirrel still needs to be is on the original background that I had started with before changing my mind.

That's all for now. I think I'll spend a bit of time in the sewing room.

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

The brain is a mysterious thing....

Something strange happened this week.

A few years ago now I had been working on a quilt called Auntie Green's Garden, by Irene Blanck.

I loved it and I loved working on it....until I didn't. 

About a year ago I asked myself the tough question....did I really think I would get back to working on this quilt?? The answer was "no". 

I actually felt a little relief in letting myself off the hook. I figured I would just quilt up what I had completed so far and call it a quilt.

What a shame :(

Fast forward to this past week...I really haven't thought of Auntie Green in a long while and, for some reason, it popped into my head and I said to myself that this quilt really deserved to be finished in it's entirety.

Where the heck did that come from?...who knows. Like I said in the title of this post, the brain can be so mysterious. 

Here is the quilt as it was left, a long time ago...

So, there is a floral border on the top and bottom to do, then a vine thing around the final border. So close!

I think I'll put aside other applique until this one is done. 

There is one problem though.

When I put this quilt aside, it gave me freedom to get rid of fabrics that I wasn't so much interested in anymore....which are a lot of the fabrics needed for this quilt. I hope I can "make do" with what I have left in my stash.

I wish I knew how women in the past... or even now...would hand-quilt a crosshatch pattern on their quilts without it getting all wonky. I imagine that kind of quilting on this quilt....and the enjoyment I would get out of stitching it. 

I'll have ask Dr.  Google!

(I've taken a minute to look up this quilt on my blog...and it has indeed been at least 4 years since I contemplated working on it)

I had plans to do a long run this morning, but it's snowing pretty good here at the moment (hmmmm, an unexpected sew day??). I think I'll delay my run until tomorrow and actually do a bit of prep-work on Auntie Green's Garden...then I'll know that this is a real thing and not just a wish...sounds like a plan, right?

This morning I completed the binding on my Temperature Quilt 2019...

If you'd like to see the completed quilt, have a look HERE...I wrote a post about it on Friday. 

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