Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sock it to me!

Time to relax with some slow Sunday stitching.

I'm actually looking forward to some extra stitching time for the next couple of weeks, as I have one more client quilt to do on the longarm and I'll be starting my Christmas break....woohoo!!!....right on schedule!

As long as I've been a longarmer, I've taken the last two weeks of the year off, so as to enjoy everything about the season...the baking, the wrapping, etc.

As a longarm quilter, this time of year is busy with every quilt being one that is needed as a Christmas present...and you just don't want to let anyone down. There's always a fear of getting the flu, hurting a foot...anything that may impede fulfilling one's commitments. So, it always feels like such a relief to get to this point. 

I hope to get back to my applique soon...I need to get some prep-work done.

This morning I finished the last two sides of facing on my Haphazard quilt. For a quilt that came along so quickly it's sure taken a long time to finish the last little bit!

It's difficult to see the facing in the picture...but I just had to show my backing fabric...I've had it a long time, and it's so nice to see it used...

And, of course, when I laid the quilt out for a photo, I had volunteers right away test out how cozy it is...

Hmm, it doesn't look very big in the picture....and it's not very big, just 36" square....perfect size to use on my lap during my early morning stitching!

Something else I've been working on....knitting socks.

I was quite the avid sock-knitter in the past....the whole family had them and I had quite a few pair. I've wondered what ever happened that I stopped. Well, knitting socks was a thing that I did as a hockey/baseball mom back in the day. I would always have socks on the go during practices and waiting for the games to start.

So I'm determined to take knitting up again. I've had a shawl on the go that I leave in my husband's stays there for when we are driving out and about, especially when our outings take us on the highway. I'm not a good traveler, so having my knitting to do distracts me. 

Here is the beginning of sock #1...

I'm trying something new to me...knitting the socks from the toe up. 

I think I'll like doing this, as when I've knit socks in the past I find I make the sock shorter because I'm afraid of running out of yarn. This way I can just keep knitting until the ball of yarn is used up!

This pattern called for me to learn Turkish casting on....thank goodness for YouTube! Also, thanks to YouTube for teaching me a different way to turn the heel, using a "wrap and turn" method. I quite like the results using this technique. 

Here's where I'm at today...

Maybe another 2" and I'll start the ribbing for the cuff.

On another note....I will say, like I've probably said in the past, I do love making mystery quilts. 

That love is now going to cross over to a knitting project, lol...Here is a kit I have for a knitted shawl...

You start with the 4 skeins of yarn. Through the course of the project you draw a card from the deck of cards, which will instruct you which yarn to use and which pattern of stitches. So, I really won't know what my shawl will look like until it's done. 

I know that mystery projects aren't for every one, but I love the concept! This one may have to wait until the new year...but I'm looking forward to starting. 

Now that I'm almost on my holiday break, I am able to start getting the house in order. Minnie just loves it...

Not great picture quality....but it's been a rather miserable weekend weather-wise, so quite dim for taking pictures.

Hopefully you can spend time with some slow stitching today. I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I hope you can join her to see what others are stitching on today.