Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday stitches...

It seems that Spring is finally here in Southern Ontario....hope I'm not jinxing it! It feels so good to be out in the sunshine and a bit of warmth.

I have a bit of sewing that needs doing today, but hopefully the rest of the day will be spent outside enjoying the weather.

I started my day as usual, with a bit of hand-sewing.  I'm working on the next segment of my Queen's Garden so I can present it at the next guild meeting. I've been leading this as a BOM, with permission from the designer. 

This month we are working on two of these blocks.....

There will be a bit off embroidery going on and then these two blocks will actually be sliced in half diagonally to create four setting triangles.

Here is some of what has been completed so far...

It feels like this one is getting closer to being a real quilt top!


A new sewalong this month is the Jen Kingwell "Dear Jen".

I think there will be 75 blocks in all...and we are given 6 block patterns per month. 

I was a little frustrated with myself as I worked on the first block. I made many mistakes....just due to my own inattention, but I finally got it done. This one was done using hand-piecing. The blocks will all be 6" finished.

And, of course, it wasn't until it was done that I figured it could have used a bit more contrast between the background and the green fabric....but too bad, I'm calling this one done!!!

The next block went together much more easily. I decided to construct this one with English Paper Piecing. It still came out a bit bubbly, who knows why??!!!.....but it's not bad....

The background fabric is one that I won in a fabric bundle at Retreat a couple of weeks ago. Who took shorthand in high school??....I did, although it was the other sort....maybe known as Faulkner? I did enjoy shorthand, but did I ever use it in the work-place?....nope!....but I still will use a bit if I'm jotting down a quick note to myself.

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. Hopefully you get a few moments to put in a couple of stitches on whatever you are working on and also get outside to soak up some Vitamin D.