Monday, December 8, 2014

Can this be a super-productive day???

I have nowhere to go today. No errands, appointments, etc. I'm hoping for a super-productive day! I have a client's quilt to work on and then hopefully time in the afternoon to play at part 2 of Grand Illusion.

On Sunday afternoon, I had hoped to work on mudding the guest room, in hopes that it would be done and painted before Christmas. I really couldn't put my mind to it, though. Needed to go pet and play with some fabric in the studio to take my thoughts off of Buddy.

So, I can thank the president of the Norfolk guild for what I did end up doing! Each month she issues a challenge. This month is to do something with flying geese. Well, as it happens, part two of Urban Owls is mainly flying geese....what a great time to get at it. I have been putting this BOM off a bit as I'm not sure about dealing with the wool and such. Which is silly, I know, given the fact that I like doing needlework! I did finish the geese except for the trimming of them, which can be done another day. Here is my flock....

So thank you, Madame President, for giving me the push I needed!