Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anyone going to Quilt Canada?

There's a feeling of excitement in the local quilting community. 
Quilt Canada takes place in Toronto starting this evening and it will be interesting to see how it is all under one roof. I've only attended one Quilt Canada and that was at Brock University in 2014. I remember being overwhelmed with sensory overload and being exhausted when I got home!

I'm now regretting not planning to attend for a few classes and events, but maybe next year since I believe it will in be Toronto again in 2017.

I am going on Friday....so I'll try to be a good blogger and take lots of pictures! I read Kathy's blogpost this morning over at Kathy's Quilts and she talks about how to be prepared for going to this massive event...you can read her post here.

On the home front, the garden is starting to show some colour, although we could use some rain. I think I'd like to expand next year by planting some suitable perennials for cut flowers as I'm loving the lupines and peonies that I've brought in this week....
I can't get over the aroma of the peonies when they are brought in the house!

We were also in the Fonthill lately and stopped in at the VanVliet Greenhouses, who specialty is Gerber daisies. The gerbers are such a reasonable price and last for a good two weeks...
Over the years we would occasionally get a bird's nest on the lamp at the front door. We solved that by turning the lamp in the Spring to discourage the birds since it would be quite a mess. It's hard to believe how quickly a nest appears, though....
This one is a nest of a barn swallow....new to me! I'm sure there must be some eggs laid already so we'll let the nest be and wait for the little peeps!

Along with getting back to my FlowerGarden applique, I've been keeping at my daily hearts. I really like this one...
I also like the fact that I've kept this up for over six months now! Maybe I'll do the whole year afterall!

 Puppy update

Not too much to report, just a few more eyes starting to open. They have grown so much since they were born.  I now wish we had thought to weigh them now and again.
Have a great day!

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