Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Pressing Situation

What a beautiful morning! I wish I could spend the day outside puttering in the garden.....maybe later.

I've been stitching away at my FlowerGarden and really liking how it's shaping up. I think I'm on track to have the two borders complete by the end of Summer.

My husband made a great find at Ikea yesterday. He went to find a certain cabinet to be made into an ironing station for my studio....but, no surprise, he wandered thru' the discount section and found a similar one. This one was basically the same but doesn't have doors. The original one was $205....and the discounted floor model...
Here it is in the sewing room waiting to be modified...
I got the idea from another blogger I came across on the weekend. You can visit Lori at Crossquilt to see her awesome ironing station!

I am linking with Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social. Check her out, she is having a great giveaway this week!

Puppy Update

We bought a kiddie pool to provide a new "nest" for the puppies. They have very much outgrown the box they had been in....and are more active every day!
Have a great day!

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