Monday, February 1, 2016

Quilty365/Day in My Life

What a fun project this is turning out to be! Many of my friends are taking part which makes it even more special.

A few times I've fallen a couple of days behind, but really do try to at least have the little blocks prepped and ready to pick up at some point. They will be a nice take-along project for guild meetings and such.

Here are my blocks on the design wall today....

I started my hearts on November 11th. As you can see by the first block, I intended to play with circles, but remembered a long ago UFO, the idea to do a heart quilt. Those two orange hearts at the top are as far as that got!!!...but I guess their purpose was to inspire me years later!

The first four rows are sewn together. My plan is to sew them in chronological order. I'll do this for two reasons....I want the quilt to reflect the year in order, but also it'll be easier than sewing over three hundred blocks together in the end!!

I was hoping to have a fabric that would commemorate my  January birthday, but didn't really hold out hope for that. I don't really think I'm one to have much in the way of novelty fabrics.  The fun thing about having a 55-year old's memory is the surprises that are in store. Here is my birthday block using fabric I'd forgotten about...
I am writing the date on the back of my blocks, but now I think I should be numbering the blocks, as well. 

If you'd like to see other quilters' Quilty365 circles, check over at Quilty Folk, HERE, for lots of eye candy!

Just for the cuteness factor, I'm going to post a picture of last week's 365Challenge blocks....adorable!

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