Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Modern quilting

It's been busy in my studio lately with a few custom quilts in a row, so I am proclaiming today a sew-day, otherwise known as a mental health day!

I do have couple of errands to run, so my workday would have been interrupted anyway. Good excuse, don't you think!?

On Tuesday I went to one of my guild meetings. We listened to a very good speaker from the Niagara area whose specialty is Modern quilting. 

I'm not sure what I've thought of Modern quilting. Actually, that's not quite true. When it first came on the quilting scene a few years ago I just didn't "get" it. Over time I've come to appreciate the clean lines and clear colours involved in this technique.

As a longarmer, I've also come to be excited about all that open space that's usually involved in Modern quilting....lots of space to have fun and "quilt it up".

Our speaker yesterday has been quilting for the same amount of time as I have....since around 1980. 

Here's part of what I can't wrap my head someone who has quilted over thirty years part of the process has been trying new tips and tricks to achieve wonderful points and beautifully matched seams, etc. Modern quilting seems to throw that all out the window! 

I asked this Modern quilter yesterday, since she's been at quilting as long as me, was it hard to turn her back on all she has striven for in quilting and "let go" to the process of Modern quilting.  Her reply??...."not at all", she said!

I was quite inspired by her speaking and trunk show. This year I have a new grandbaby to make a quilt for, another for a toddler ready for her big girl bed and, since I'm at it, one for my grandson's birthday in September. I am going to challenge myself to try my hand at this Modern quilting on these quilts.

I have to admit, when Modern quilters talk about how quick a quilt can be made it gets my back up just a little. I am all about enjoying the process....evident I guess in how a few of my quilts are very long term commitments! But, on the other hand, it would be nice to have a few more "finishes" this year than "starts"!

On that note, I'll have to admit to yet another quilt started today, an online BOM by Sarah Fielke called Happy Days. I'm making a start at it today with this first block...

It's still not too late to join in the fun. I do like Australian designers and I think this quilt is going to be awesome! You can read about the project HERE. 

Blocks are going to be given out on the last day of each month. There's a great Facebook group for this quilt making it fun to see everyone's progress around the world!

Have a great day!

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