Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Scrappy Saturday

What a very long week it's been. 

We've both been knocked flat by some sort of illness this week, but today I'm starting to feel like I may survive after-all! 

Yesterday I was feeling good at the longarm again....even better working on such a jolly quilt. It really made me feel good just looking at it...nice one, PT!.......
I've received a free package of Wonder Clips by Clover this week. 
I know that people use them for binding their quilts, I also know that I won't use them for that. Any other ideas of what people like to use them for? They are cute and surprisingly strong....hope I can find a good use for them!

I've wondered lately why I am being taken up by so many new projects this last few months. It's becoming a bit overwhelming to say the least!

 I've finally come up with a theory. It's this...since I've taken to writing this blog I come across so many other great bloggers out there that I'd never heard of before, and they all take part in wonderful projects, sew alongs, etc. 

Even while ill this week I've stumbled across yet another fun project! 

It's called The Splendid Sampler and is hosted by Pat Sloan and 
 Jane can check out the website HERE.

Many designers are involved in this one and will provide a 6" block twice a week for the next year. It's just started this past week, so a perfect time to join in!

Here are my first two blocks...

The second block is supposed to be 5 little butterflies flitting about...they will look better once they have their antennae!

I am probably a week behind in my Quilty365/Day in My Life hearts. My weekend goal will be to get them prepared and ready to be caught up.

I did manage some easy sewing once I was feeling a bit better. This was February's goal for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sampler. The colour for February is brown with an accent of pink. I really like how this turned I just have to complete more of the blue January blocks!
Have a visit with SoScrappy to see what others are creating for their Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

Something I learned this week....when you are so chilled that your teeth are actually chattering and it doesn't seem to help that you are covered in two quilts, two pups and near a fireplace and you've tried tea, soup, etc., a shot of Southern Comfort does the trick!

Hope you're all well and can enjoy this sunny, mild day!


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