Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ooh, baby, it's cold outside!

What a cold snap we're having!

 I can't complain since we've had such a mild winter so far.

Recently I bought a gift for my husband, a heated mattress pad. I made sure to get one that has dual controls since I really wasn't all that interested. I'm at a certain age that seems to come with it's own heat source! I have to say, the last few nights I've been mighty happy with the nice, cozy bed! 

Even though we've had the bitter cold, it's come with glorious sunshine...and that's so nice this time of year!

It's been a busy few days. On Saturday I had a fun time at Quilt Junction at my monthly mystery quilt class, then off to Binbrook Little Theatre for their production of Cinderella the Panto.

For such a small town, Binbrook always puts on a good show. This is the third time for my grandson to attend, and the first for my newly-found granddaughter. There was a small fear that she may be too young to enjoy, but it turned out great. She was quite taken with the production. 

Saturday evening I was treated to a delicious pre-Valentine meal. We had Beef Bourguignon with a side-dish of Celeriac. Neither of us had tried celeriac before and we both really enjoyed it. We'll definitely make this recipe again!

Again, I never think to take a picture 'til halfway through the meal, sorry!
I know, it's not great showing a picture of a half-eaten meal but I wanted to show what the celeriac looked like....the recipe called for a somewhat rough mash and I do think it was nicer this way. We found the recipe on Pinterest and you can see it HERE. 

Also, the beef bourguignon was to die for!

A cold day like today begs for some slow stitching under a quilt. My stitching today will be the binding on our wedding quilt. I did a label inspired by Bonnie Hunter's blog and I'm using a lovely striped fabric which I think is nice on a binding. I'm also loving the backing which is FreeFall by Tula Pink.

I was very disappointed with my attempts to try a new quilting thread on this quilt. After many failed attempts I switched up to something else. I'll try the other thread again another day since it was so beautiful. 

I'm linking up with Kathy's Quilts so we can see what others are working on on this frigid winter day!

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