Monday, December 14, 2015

The 365 Challenge !

So many quilty ideas, so little time!!!

I alluded to the 365 Challenge last week in one of my posts.

The idea is that every day for 2016 you piece a block...usually 3" or 6" blocks, we are told. In the end you get a beautiful quilt.

It's free to sign up, then you are sent the blocks by email. You can look into at the 365 Challenge site HERE.

To get the "look" of the quilt you will have to choose your fabrics carefully. It all comes down the the "value" of the fabrics, which can be difficult!

Kathryn does point out that the blocks will start out easy and get a little more complicated as the year goes that's nice.

I've been back and forth on fabric choices....I was pretty sure I was going to go with indigo/red/tan, but now I'm back to my first thought....1930's reproductions!! I don't think my quilt will have the same flavour as the pattern, but I have a vision in my head that I hope works out in the end....and that vision uses this fabric for a background......

I don't know if what I see in my head will actually translate well to reality, so I've decided to make up a couple of 3" blocks to see how it will look.
I wasn't sure the pinwheel would work with the colours, but I think it's ok! I'll have to watch out for the scale of the fabrics with these tiny blocks. A bonus with the 30's fabrics will be fussy-cutting here and there like the little sailboat in the nine-patch!

I know of four of my friends so far who are planning on taking part in this challenge. So nice to have a little support group of sorts.

Have a great day!

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