Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thursday Recap!

I'm pleased that I have been keeping up with my plan to be part of the Quilty365 project! I get the feeling that this is snowballing a bit and a lot of people are joining in ...... so how about you???

Here are my first week's blocks, they look great up on the design wall together!

Yesterday's isn't appliqued yet. All of my stitching right now goes to the binding of a client's quilt. You can see my "wild and goosey" blocks insisted on photo-bombing the pic!

If you check in at Stephie's blog at Dawn Chorus Studio you can see her beautiful blocks. Reading her post this morning raised some questions in my mind.

Wouldn't it be nice to keep a daily journal to jot down the meaning of our block that day?


Do I wait til the end of the year to decide on a layout?

Or would that be way too much work with what will hopefully by at least 365 blocks? 

These are a couple of questions to think on early on in this project. I think I may do as Stephie mentions and maybe sew the blocks into nine-patches along the way. 

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