Sunday, September 27, 2015

Stitching on a Sunday

What a busy weekend!

Friday we had a great outing to the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover to see Pete Paquette perform his "Elvis, the Moments" show. We were given tickets as a wedding gift by a good friend (thanks, again!) What a fun show....such great performances by the back-up singers and band members, too.

Saturday we went to Theatre Aquarius in Hamilton. Neither of us had ever been so were looking forward to it. It's a wonderful theatre. The play we saw was The Big Sleep, which was originally a movie in the 40's starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The production of the play was fantastic. It was amazing the way the changing of each "set" was done. The only problem was that it was just slightly hard to hear the actors, which meant really straining to pay attention as this play has a ton of dialogue and it's very fast-paced. Other than that....great time! It would be nice to go back once a year to see a play there.

I'm linking up with Kathy at Kathy's Quilts to share with others on what I am stitching on today. I'm in between having applique pieces ready to work on (hopefully will find time for that today), so I pulled out my go-to project....which happens to be the same project
as what Kathy is showing today!

As I was working on this with my morning coffee I saw that Kathy was contemplating some wise words she has come across. It got me thinking and I figure I will share my words of wisdom that have helped me at times. I'll say first off....I am the oldest of four sisters. I'm sure that younger sisters always think that the oldest thinks she's a know-it-all. In my defense, I do think that older siblings do have a lot to share!!!

 A few years ago the words that help me deal with my "know-it-all" attitude are these...."Just because it's not my way, doesn't mean it's not the right way", meaning, of course, that there are often more than one way to do something. I can't you the number of times that these words have rung thru' my brain when I want to convince someone that they should look at things my way.

Of course, maybe these "wise" words are not my own at all! When I was a little girl I remember trying to convince my family that I had come up with this brilliant little poem. That was dashed when I heard a neighbour chanting the poem and I remember wondering how on earth she had learned my great poem!!! The poem was "Liar, liar, pants on fire", etc.

Well, I don't know if all this reflection makes for a good blog post, but there you go! Off to get ready for a fun afternoon at my grandson's first birthday party. Happy Birthday, Silas!

....and, here's a shot of Minnie, who' taken to snuggling up beside me in the morning as I do my stitching....

Have a great day....and remember to check out what everyone else is working on at Kathy's!


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