Friday, September 11, 2015


Well, this week certainly flew by! How can one stat holiday make such a difference?

I will work today on a lovely quilt and later on get to start the thought process on a special custom own! If you ask any longarm quilter, I'll bet they'll tell you the same order to get one of our own quilt tops done it has to be put on the schedule just like anyone else!....or we'll never get to it.

I am hoping to come up with some grand ideas for my "Circles".

It has a fairly wide border, so I really want to fill it with something nice. My biggest quandary is what to do in the very middle of each circle? Hmmm, hopefully something will pop into my brain.

My motivation on getting this done is that I hope to enter it into the Fair this year. I'd like to encourage everyone to consider entering a quilt into a Fair at some point. It's discouraging to hear people say that their work isn't worthy. It's such a good feeling to share our work, especially at the Fair. Next time you go to the Fair take note of all the people in our community that wander thru' the aisles. It's so nice for them to see the quilts (or baked goods, or needlework, etc.) that we enjoy.

I had a nice dinner out last night at our local Boston Pizza. It was especially good since I got to sit across from this delightful little girl and watch her utter enjoyment of her noodles and then her ice cream. So precious!

Have a great day!

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