Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday stitching....

I know that I should be keeping my focus on my Auntie Green's Garden.....but I'm at such a cool part of my Flower Garden Quilt!

I've got to the point of beginning the top border. At first I thought, " this doesn't look so intricate, after-all "! But, then I numbered the pieces....over 140 of them! Still, not so bad. There's some fun pieces to be done and I'm looking forward to it!

Over the last few days I've traced the pattern onto the fabric and made freezer paper patterns of all the pieces. Here's the first piece ready to be's pinned first, but I have taken the time to baste it on since it's a fairly large piece....about 7" tall.....

.....and this morning I got most of the horse sewn on....

...but not til after I completed the last of the 24 blocks of the main body of the quilt!!!

I was afraid I'd have to re-do this block. As I was enjoying applique-ing the horse, I glanced up and there were Cooper and Minnie going at one of their favourite pass-times ....playing tug-of-war....with my final flower block!!!! Luckily, it just had one or two punctures made by sharp little puppy teeth, but it looks like it survived.....

What a nice, summer weekend....again! We're just taking it easy today before our dinner guests arrive later today. Yesterday I totally over-did it in the extreme heat, so today I'm going to listen to my body (especially my knees!) and relax a little.

I had a lovely day yesterday with my sister. We finished by enjoying a show at the Lighthouse Theatre in Port Dover. What a festive atmosphere there was in the much going on this weekend and everyone was in high-spirits. I stopped in at The Dover Cheese Shop for a couple of pieces of my favourites and the tiny shop was packed full of people. Summer weekends like this are what the shop-keepers surely pray for!

Have a visit with Kathy over at Kathy's Quilts. You can check out what others are stitching on today, as well as catch-up on Kathy's pumpkin seed blocks!

Have a great, Summer's day!

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