Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My so-called "creative process".....

A few times a year, in my longarm business, I do some custom quilting.

I have gained some experience in custom quilting.

So why, oh why, is it the same routine every time???!!!!

I know by looking at my schedule that such a quilting job is coming up. I try to imagine what I shall attempt to do with the quilting. I fret and stew for an average of two days.....every time! Then I get started, thinking that surely by the time I get the quilt mounted on the machine and perhaps start with the stitch-in-the-ditch work that perhaps I will come up with some ideas.

And I do!

Once I get going, the ideas just start to flow.....and everytime I go through this I tell myself that next time just get the quilt on and go for it!......but I never do, I just go through the whole routine again!

I explained this to a friend lately and she just replied that this happens to be my creative process. Hmmm, maybe I just have to accept that, since it seems to be the case!

Here is the current quilt...should have started quilting on it last week....but, no, I had to go through the "process" first! lol

This quilter has made a beautiful quilt which was constructed using over 700 half-square triangles from a group exchange. Lovely!

Before I get back at it for the day, I'll share my morning applique. It started with a bit of "off-the-block" stitching on the sun.....

It's easier to applique the pink circle to the yellow middle part to the red big part.....rather than applique the red part to the background, then add the yellow, then the pink piece. Clear as mud???

Once the unit has been completed, I then applique it to the background. Here it is ready to applique the next time I pick it up......

I know a lot of you already applique this way, but I've had someone say lately that it's nice to see these little tips and tricks. If anyone has something they like to do that is different than the way I do, please share! I'm always up to trying a "new-to-me" technique!!!

As I finish here, I look over to see Cooper and Minnie patiently waiting. Hmmm, Minnie is turning out to be a carpet-chewer. Not good! I'm sure things will be fine as soon as she gets over the puppy stage of tasting everything, right?

Have a great day!

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