Sunday, September 16, 2018

Oh, woe is me :(

What  lovely Summer weekend!....the last Summer weekend of the year. Oh, how fast it always seems to go.

Our weekend was all planned out.....spend time in the backyard attending the myriad of chores that got put on hold over the hot weather we've experienced. 

We got a good day in on Saturday and finished up with a nice juicy burger outside.

Then I remembered that I hadn't completed my block-of-the-day.

I've been taking part, once again, in an Instagram sewalong for Tula Pink's City Sampler.

Here are a few of the 70 or so blocks that I've done so far (out of the hundred that will make up the quilt)...

It's much different than the colourful version I completed a year or so ago!

So up to the sewing room I went....none of these blocks take long, just ten or fifteen minutes, if that. First thing I did, though, was knock my rotary cutter off the table....and it landed right on my foot between toes #4 & 5. Such a lot of blood! It may not have been quite as bad if I hadn't just changed the blade a couple of days ago.

I'm bummed out, as today I was to take part in my first Terry Fox Run, but that's not happening. I may end up going in to see if I need a stitch or two as it starts bleeding again when I stand up.

So I guess this means no more outdoor chores today.....extra slow-stitching time!

I'm working on the current block of my Tomato Soup, The Sequel quilt....

I think after breakfast I'll put this one aside for a bit and try to get going on this month's block for Save The Bees. It will be nice to have extra stitching time today, even though it's not for a good reason. I may even try to setup outside under a tree and enjoy what looks to be another beautiful day.

I've been struggling a bit with the start of an EPP project...trying out a new stitch to join the bits together, instead of the usual whip stitch. I bought this beautiful book as I heard that it is a good one to learn some new tips and tricks from....

It really is a beautiful book...and I haven't even read anything about her methods yet. The first bit of the book has some interesting reading on the positive effects of slow-stitching...both physical and mental.

It's difficult to choose only one of the paragraphs to share with you. So much of what I am reading here are words which I can totally relate to, as I'm sure many of you could as well.

"the mental space one enters into when absorbed by sewing may also play an important role in understanding its benefits. Sewists commonly talk of the "meditative quality" of sewing, asserting that with their eyes open and needle in hand, they're able to gain the same sense of calm and grounding associated with meditation"

"it seems that it may also offer a space in which to temporarily retreat from the world, delivering us back to our loved ones energized, refreshed, and more positive"

There is more but if I go on I wouldn't know where to stop!


Have you been able to visit with Benita Skinner and take part in the Online Quilters Meet and Greet? You still have until the end of the month to qualify for some great quilty prizes!

You can read my post for the Meet and Greet HERE.

That's all for husband is making breakfast and it smells like the bacon is almost ready!

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I know I'll certainly have some time to visit with all the bloggers to see what they are stitching on today!


  1. Oh so sorry about the rotary cutter mishap, but am loving your tomato soup quilt!

  2. Oh my that sounds painful and I hope you don't need stitches. The tomatoe soup quilt block is gorgeous. Love that color!

  3. Oh no poor you! Sounds painful. I agree about the calm sense of well being gained from slow stitching. Hope you get lots done today!

  4. Oh dear! So sorry about your accident, and I hope taking it easy today ensures that the wound closes and heals enough to avoid a doctor visit. I love the block you are currently working on and sharing. Beautiful colors!

  5. Oooh, I could almost feel that as I read about your accident!

  6. Ouch, I hope you don't need stitches, but better safe than sorry. Although you won't be able to do any chores, a day of sewing is never a bad thing.

  7. Oh dear, those blasted rotary cutters. Loving your Tomato Soup quilt; how fabulous colourful and joyful it is. Your Tula Pink blocks are progressing nicely. Don't they look fabulous all together. Oh yes, stitching is most certainly a most beautiful retreat from all the noise of this world. So happy to visit your lovely place.

  8. Darn Rotary Cutter!! Enjoy your time to relax and stitch.

  9. OMGoodness on your rotary cutter mishap. I would have passed out cold. It could have been worse. Hope you enjoyed your extra slow stitching time. Keep us posted on the EPP. I find that the whip stitch is causing eye strain.

  10. I sliced my finger with my rotary cutter a few years ago...very clean cut...4 stitches to put me back together again. I hope your foot heals quickly. You will need to start wearing steel toed shoes in the sewing room. My husband bought me a rotary cutting glove after I cut my finger.