Sunday, September 30, 2018

It's been a long time, old friend...

It's a rainy morning here....which means a change of plans, I guess.

We had hoped to continue working on our back deck. Looks like I can maybe do a bit of sewing or reading instead.

I wasn't sure I had any slow-stitching to start my day today, but then remembered I still have a bit of work to do on this month's block for Save the Bees.

Here are both blocks, so far...

When I sit and stitch on the weekends I've come to enjoy listening to podcasts. One of my favourites is Hidden Brain. Today's episode was entitled, "Why now?", which delves into the question on why women today are starting to be taken more seriously in their sexual assault allegations than they were as short a time ago as the 90's.

It was a good episode and seemed to answer some questions. 


I'm going to double-up on my post today and include my One Monthly Goal for October, as it involves some slow-stitching.

I have a UFO that some of you may remember. It's a quilt called Auntie Green's Garden...

Every once in a while I notice the unfinished quilt-top peeking at me from under a pile of "stuff"...and I think to myself that I really should get back to working on it. Then I promptly forget all about it again!

Yesterday I noticed it again. This time my thought was to just face it, that I would never continue to work on this quilt, and maybe I should just quilt it as it is now and call it done.

So I pulled it out and hung it on the design wall....

.....and didn't it give me a hitch to my breath, literally!...I still think this is a beautiful quilt and I just have to finish it!

By my calculations it's been over three years since I've put a stitch into this quilt. Even the appliqued circles make me cringe a bit, as I've improved my technique since then....but I'll let those circles go, it's a journey, after-all. 

My goal this month will be to complete some of the next border, which had actually been started back in the day...

I don't know if it's do-able, but my goal will be to finish half of this border. Hmm, now that it's raining this morning it would be a good opportunity to do the prep-work.

This quilt will now take be my main project in the next few months. I'll put aside a couple of others until then.

I am linking up today with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. I am also linking with Elm Street Quilts for One Monthly Goal - October...wish me luck, I'll need it!!


  1. Thanks for the tip on the podcasts I listen to podcast when I stitch also. Love Auntie Green and I hope you can find joy in working on it again. It's one I have often thought of doing but applique is such a slow process. I find just stitching for a few minutes each day is a attainable goal and not to look at the whole picture. Before you know it another border will be stitched!

  2. Great post! Tomorrow is block #3 for Save the Bees... so fun!
    I will definitely look up that podcast... thanks for the recommendation.
    Very exciting that you have renewed energy for the beautiful applique quilt... what a ton of work in this pattern! So glad the weather was bad which lead to more slow stitching! LOL

  3. Your appliqué has me in awe! That quilt deserves to be finished! I am going to the royal city guild quilt show today in Aberfoyle... our fearless slow Sunday stitching leader will be there.... do you have time to go? It’s from 10-4 ...

    1. I wasn't able to go....I really wanted to, but had family obligations. I hope to go to your show in a couple of weeks!

  4. I love your Bee Blocks--great color choices and well, your applique is fantastic...what beautiful work hugs, Julierose

  5. Your Bee blocks are lovely, It's nice to have such a lovely quilt to work on a rainy day.

  6. Oh!!! That is an AMAZING quilt! Yes, you definitely need to keep going on it. :) Your bee blocks are adorable. I really like that background fabric for them.

  7. Auntie Green is gorgeous and I second the notion that you could set aside just a few minutes a day for slow stitching and get it done. Easy to say from my side of the screen but it is a lovely, lovely project. 😁

  8. Please do! Yes, it is breathtaking half finished already. Imagine this completed as a quilt. Beyond delight!

  9. I join the other commenters...this quilt is worthy of matter how long it takes you! It isn't a race, enjoy the process! What you have accomplished up to now is wonderful!

  10. Your applique beauty is a must finish. I can only imagine how incredible it will look when all is done.

  11. Your quilt is just beautiful! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  12. Oh its BEAUTIFUL!! And quilting is about the journey, I agree.

  13. You have done a wonderful job on this quilt. I have the pattern, but not ready to even thinking about starting it. Maybe in 2020. Hang in there. I just finished York Lodge and there were many days that I wanted to throw it away and start something else, but. I hung in there and finished it last night! Just border remaining. It took from late June until 2 Oct, but there were a lot of interruptions. Taking a day off now and then helps us get to the finish line. I encourage you to continue on!!!

  14. That will be a stunner when finished! So glad you decided to go ahead and finish it, rather than quit it completely at that point. Life as is quilt making skills is a journey, and this quilt will show your journey as well.

  15. Found you by way of Patty’s OMG link which I just joined. I love your Auntie Green - and wish you continued success in moving forward on this wonderful quilt. You have accomplished so much all ready and I am betting those borders will be accomplished as time permits. We all have those special projects that just keep calling out reminding us to pay attention.