Friday, July 29, 2016

Word of the day

I'm right on track with my FlowerGarden quilt.

Ha!!!, or so I thought!

Today I appliqued the last two circles on one of the borders. 

Then I hung the three completed borders on the design wall so I could share them with you...

Ah, so nice. But wait!

As I looked upon my months of work (2 years counting the 24 flower blocks!), I realise that there are parts of the upper and lower border that I find hard to "see".

That's where the word of the day comes in.....Crapola!

I actually heard this in my head as I realised that after all these mornings of stitching this quilt, I have to do what has to be done...I have to re-do a few of the pieces. The voice that I heard was actually that of my husband, Greg, who has been passed-away these last few years, because it was definitely one of his words! 

If you care to see the perfect definition of "crapola" you can find it in the Urban Dictionary, here.

I'm having a problem with the circled bits.....the two trees, water in the fountain, the cat, a bird.

At first, my thought was to just let it be, but I don't think I can after so much time has gone into the quilt. Oh well, it'll be worth it in the end, I'm sure.

This past week we've said goodbye to all our cute puppies. It's really been a wonderful experience. 

We'd pretty well decided to have one more litter next summer. Then just as the last puppy was leaving I realised that Minnie seems to be going right back into heat. (We could use the word of the day here also! Crapola, lol).

The thought of her getting pregnant right away is terrifying to me...she's gone thru' so much the last few months already. I called my friend who owns a wonderful kennel. With this being the last week of July and the long weekend they are fully booked. 

I made a decision to get Cooper fixed ASAP. If Minnie is going to be in heat every four months, there will be too much worry and work to keep her from getting pregnant. 

So, between now and Cooper's surgery date we'll resort to this...

I didn't know there was such a thing! We'll see what Minnie thinks of wearing a diaper. They were not cheap, but worth every penny if they do the trick!

P.S. Reading back over this post I think I will try to minimize my do-overs on the applique. I will definitely do the bird, cat and water and see after that if the trees can stay.  Wish me luck!

Have a great long Civic weekend!


  1. What a shame, after all that work. A friend of mine had a similar problem with an appliqué block that was a wreath of hearts in s pale yellow on a cream background. She outlined each element with stem stitch using embroidery thread in red. This made a huge difference. It might be worth a try, but perhaps auditioning different colours of thread. If it works it would save a lot of work!

  2. That's a good idea, thanks! I do think I will do the water in the fountain over when I find appropriate fabric.

  3. Depending on how brave you feel, you could use fabric markers to touch up the sections that need more definition. Do experiment first to see if they might bleed, I prefer the Fabric Fun brand, I got mine at Fabricland.

  4. I vote for no do-overs! You can change those bits with fabric markers and/or adding outline stitching and/or texture the pieces with dark floss embroidery and/or add other pieces of fabric on top.