Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pushing myself over the hump...

It was an early start to my day today. I think the pups are having an adjustment from having stayed at my friend's kennel on the weekend. Oh well, it just means I had a couple more hours to spend at Auntie Green's Garden!

I think I'm needing a bit of encouragement.

Here is an image of what the completed quilt should look like.....

Beautiful, isn't it???

....and here is a picture of my progress so far....

So, you can see that I have a large floral border to do now. I'm pleased with the part I have started on. My goal is to have this quilt done and hand-quilted by this time next year.

 I do love the outer border, but I have to admit that this morning I started to waver. I have been working on this quilt for a while now, which is fine, but part of me would like to call it done. I'll perservere, though. Especially after seeing the picture of the finished quilt to remind me of how much I like it!

 I really am one to not want to rush a project (usually!), I do like to enjoy the "journey" as much as I like to see the finished quilt.

Ok, now that I've written this post about my doubts on this quilt, I feel better and know that I will carry on!

Have a great day, and hope to see you at the Norfolk County Fair which starts today....I'll be wandering the quilt section in case you're wondering!!! lol

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