Friday, December 14, 2018

Here I go again......

Why, oh why, is it so hard to resist a sewalong????

Actually, I had been mulling over the idea for a couple of weeks of trying to work on a temperature quilt for not a new idea here. 

....but, imagine my delight when I stumbled across a new-to-me blogger who is actually starting a "Temperature Quilt Along"!

This makes the idea even more fun!!!

You can meet Anina and read about the sewalong HERE at her blog, entitled Twiddletails.

I hope some of you will join in.

If so, you need to figure out which block you will use. Then you will allot a range of fabrics representing different temperatures through the year.

There are many examples of temperature quilts on Pinterest.

You can do just a square, or hexie, etc., to represent the high temperature of each day of the year. Something else to consider is choosing a 2-colour block.....the two colours will represent the high and low temperatures of each day. 

I think one of the reasons this appeals to me is that it reminds me a bit of my "A Day In My Life" quilt, for which I did a block per day for a year, each block representing the mood of the day. You can see that quilt HERE, which just happens to be a year ago.

This is the block I have chosen, half of the blocks will look like this and half will have the opposite corner snowballed....

These measure at 2.5"x 5.5". The large fabric will represent the high forecast of the day, the snowball will be the low. 

I will save the bonus HST to maybe use in the border.

...and here is my layout.....

Each horizontal row will represent one month. For the months that don't have 31 days, I will fill-in with blocks made with a neutral tone, most likely greys.

Starting this project makes it easier to turn away from a couple of others in the new year that have been tempting me. I really will try to keep new "starts" to a minimum. (bwahahaha!) No, I mean it this time!

My fabrics for this quilt will be based on this jellyroll...

... using a jellyroll was a wonderful suggestion by Karen at Quilt Junction. (thanks, Karen!) I will try to add some variety from my stash.

Here is a colour chart that I scooped off of Pinterest, showing the fabric colours that will represent the different degrees of temperature...I was happy to find one in Celcius!...

I'll have to add a few more colours for the Summer, as we've had many days over 25degrees the past few years!

In my last post, I showed my progress on my I Am Enough quilt. Since then I have finished my clamshell border and I just love it!!!

If anyone wants to "borrow" my idea of using different coloured clams, go for it!

Have a wonderful Autumn day!, I was reminded this morning on the News that Winter starts next Friday, which kind of startled me as it's felt like Winter for a little while already!

I am linking up with Sarah for Can I Get a Whoop, Whoop!.


  1. Your clam shell border is perfect for your quilt. It's such a bright and cheery quilt. Beautiful!

  2. I love your I am Enough! I have been looking at color wheel designs for a long time and never found one that really appealed to me, but yours is great. I am especially impressed at the way your clam shells line up with each color in your wheel.

  3. Your clamshell border is perfect! This will be a lovely quilt!

  4. You are so clever. That border is impressive.
    Now, I really don't need another project but that temperature quilt-along just keeps drawing me in.

  5. The jelly roll idea for the temp quilt is brilliant! Thanks for passing it on!
    I'm considering making one, but I considered making one last year, too. Notice my total lack of blocks...

  6. Love your block with the clamshell border...terrific colourwork!
    I wonder how many new projects I will start this year... this is just the best/worst time of year for my flare up of STARTITIS!