Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stitching on a Sunday

Another Sunday morning with some peaceful stitching to start the day. This week just flew by!

My Life is Beautiful embroidery had come to a halt because I couldn't find my thread....luckily I happened to find it, by chance, and could finish off this block, which took way too long...

....and I was able to start the next block.....

I would have liked to be working on the next rabbit for Down the Rabbit Hole, but it wasn't quite ready yet. I have one of the four leaping rabbits completed....

I like him! 

We've had a sudden cold snap around here. Can you tell.....

I swear sometimes that Minnie thinks we got a fireplace just so she could snooze in front of it!

I thought this was a nice picture to take on the trail in Port Dover yesterday, but looking at it all I can think is that leaf-less trees have come about too quickly this year!...

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. Have a visit to see what others are working on today.


  1. Love the shadow shot and your pretty embroidery. It got cold here as well. Down to 17 degrees the night before last. Minnie knows exactly where to hang out :)

    I enjoy seeing Down the Rabbit Hole's progress.

  2. Cold here too! We are not too far west of you. We even had some snow! The running rabbit is perfect! Hope you had a nice relaxing time with your stitching today in front of the fire.

  3. You mean you DIDN'T put the fireplace in just for Minnie?
    Love that bunny!

  4. Sensible dog! I love your down the rabbits hole quilt.

  5. we haven't gotten near that cold still not even a frost yet. Love your projects!

  6. So happy to see your Life is Beautiful blocks!
    Such a great project!