Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sunday Stitches....with a new thread!

Today I have absolutely no plans.

I just had to type that first sentence and see it for myself. I think I've been very busy lately for me to appreciate the thought of no plans at all! It would have been the icing on the cake to be able to finally pay attention to my perennial bed, but the weather is not maybe some sewing-room time is in order!

I was able to put a few stitches into my hand-quilting this morning. I'd better find more time for this one if it's going to be ready for Fall Fair season. Oh well, if not, there is always next year.

Also on the slow-stitching front.....I was able to test a new thread that's on the market. 

My husband actually asked, "Isn't thread just thread?". I replied by pointing out to him that he has to admit that tools that he uses can differ brand by brand!!!

So, here we go!

I had noticed on blogs I've been reading that there is a new Aurifil 80wt that is meant for applique (at least I assume that that is the intention!).

As always, in Canada we have to wait just a little longer for a product to appear....but I finally laid my hands on a couple of spools...

First off, there is a lovely sheen to the thread on the spool....even after taking the plastic wrap off, lol. The sheen may not mean anything to the way the thread handles, but it sure looks pretty. 

I used the grey thread to work on one of my Dutch Treat blocks the last couple of mornings...

Even in the real-life, up-close world I can barely see my stitches!

I had absolutely no tangles or twist-ups in the stitching of this block.

When I first started to applique I was a real silk thread snob. Since then I've switched to fine cotton thread and I love it. I have to admit, if I didn't already have a lifetime supply of thread (really!), I would most definitely be using this new Aurifil thread.

To be clear, I have no affiliation that is swaying my opinion.

For anyone just getting their feet wet in the world of hand-stitching and wondering what colours one should start out buying, I'll give the same advice that was given to me. Buy three spools.....perhaps light, one medium and one dark. That will get you started, no problem!

While I'm at it I will share a new-to-me marking tool. 

It's this Uniball silver gel pen. You can see in the picture how it has a shimmer to it. So far, it shows up on any colour fabric that I've used it on. The only doesn't go away. I'm being really careful to actually make sure it gets turned under.

I hope I can find this pen in Canada. So far, no luck. I'm thinking my best bet will be a visit to Michael's.'s the fun part!....

I have a friend who happens to own a quilt shop....Lana at Quilt Junction in Waterford, Ont.

Lana has an offer to those of you who read my blog. From now 'til June 15th, if you mention that you read about the new Aurifil 80wt in my blog post today, Lana will give you a 10% discount on your purchase of this thread.

Thanks Lana!!!

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. On this damp morning, I hope you can take a bit of time to visit with others to see what they are stitching on today!


  1. I like how the flower shows up as you do the reverse appliqué! It is like unwrapping a present.

  2. Thanks for the tip on the thread. If I ever run out (how is it that silk thread never seems to run out?) I'll give that a try. That light, med and dark tip is a great one for appliqué. Pretty block, by the way and I love your heart quilt.

  3. I love silk thread for applique, but if I need more, I'll be sure to try the new aurifil, it sounds lovely to work with. Your block turned out beautifully.

  4. Love the hearts quilt and the applique flower is just stunning, I have tried the aurifil thread for hand stitching and I love it.

  5. I'd love to try the thread but I'm afraid the cost of mailing to Indiana would cost more than the thread. Enjoy your day!

  6. pretty block! know what you mean about thread - it is getting pricey and I have a ton of it!
    I will pass on shipping from Canada LOL - why oh why is shipping so pricey for all of us in both Canada or US -- for any in the US that do not want to send to Canada for this thread - you can find it at Red Rock Threads in the US on line

  7. That flower is really pretty. Your applique is wonderful.

  8. Huh! I'd never heard of 80 wt until I read this! Can't see a need for it in my future, sadly, unless I figure out how to see up close better...Beautiful fabrics and work on Dutch Treat, as always. Isn't it nice to have no plans and a day with nowhere to be at any given time? That is me today, but I made a list of all that I need to be doing over the next little bit...yikes.