Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Social time....

The centre "motif" of my Midnight At The Oasis quilt is complete and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

I'm not sure how I'm going to get it attached to the background as I stitched this by doing English Paper Piecing. 

My thought was to lay it on the background and applique it down. Now I'm thinking of something different. Maybe it would be better to form the background into EPP segments and attach it all together?

Before that, though, I have a quandary that needs figuring out.....what background should I use???

Here are three choices....

a dove grey polka-dot

a lovely grey print

dark polka-dot

My first choice when I started was the dark polka-dot. Then I wasn't sure as it almost gives me vertigo to look at the fabric! 

One of the two MATO that I saw last year at a quilt show was done with dark dot fabric...and the other with a lighter background. I did like the darker quilt better. Actually, now seeing these three choices in photos gives me a clearer picture of which one I like best.

Please feel free to voice your opinion on the backgrounds! Part of me even feels like browsing for something entirely different....but I think I'll control that urge and keep my choices limited to the three above.

This week Sandra Walker at Musings of a Menopausal Melon has written a post regarding DrEAMi Moments....meaning "drop everything and make it". I think I've already had one of these in 2017. 

I mentioned in an earlier post the new sew-along, The Honey Pot Bee. Well, I just had to make the first two blocks....

Plus, the bonus block given at the end of December...

The star block gave me an excuse to use my BlocLoc ruler...

I enjoy this ruler but I don't use it every time I need to make HST's. When I have to make many of the same colour combos I will use other methods, such as my Easy Angle ruler or Thangles, etc. But when I just need one or two I will use this ruler. It was not cheap, but it's a pretty cool tool.

This is a very relaxed sew-along. I think the plan is that two blocks will be released per month, and you can choose to do both or one, whatever you feel like.

I'll finish up by saying how saddened I am by the passing of designer, Sue Garman. I have a few ufo's in my sewing room that are her design as well as my wonderful Omigosh...

I am linking up today with Lorna at Sew Fresh Quilts for Let's Bee Social. You'll see that she is tempting us today with her Have a Jolly Little Christmas sew-along that starts this week!

Have a wonderful Winter's day!


  1. I would use the lighter polka dots as the dark ones give me vertigo also. As far as the pieces go I would applique the EPP to the background, cut out from the back to pop the pieces out - or press really good from the front first - pop the pieces out, press again and then applique with no cutting out from the back. Yes quilting world lost a wonderful quilter this week.

  2. Like you my first thought was the darker polka dot. But lighter and less intense may be the way to go! I just made my first 'berry' last night! They are so cute, it makes me want to make more!

  3. Those strawberries are addictive. Ask me how I know :-)
    Your star and strawberries are both yummy.

  4. I'm all about those dark dots. I think the bright colors just pop against that background.
    I've got Omigosh on my Someday List. I saw one at a quilt show once, and it took me an hour to get my jaw back up off the floor. I love yours!

  5. Love your colorful strawberry and star. They look so fun! And for the background I would go with the dove grey polka dot.