Sunday, September 18, 2016

Stitching on a Sunday

It's a foggy start to the day here and I woke up way too early!!!

I hope to take it easy today, maybe even a nap later on.

This morning I took the few stitches needed to finish this Life is Beautiful block...
....and I went back to this block and finished up the little bit that needed doing....
I still need to prep some hearts to get caught up with my Quilty365, but I did applique a few this morning...

If feels good to know that I am on the home stretch with the heart project. I still love it and can't wait to see the completed quilt top.

As one project comes to an end another is calling my name. This one is called Round the Garden by Wendy Williams...
What is it about quilts and paintings with houses that makes them so appealing?....I don't know!

About six years ago I saw this painting and had to have it...

It is by Ontario artist Kym Brundritt and is quite vibrant. I still enjoy looking at this painting. After I bought it, a friend who was with me laughed and pointed out that I am so drawn to houses. So funny, since I hadn't noticed that, but now that she's pointed it out I find it to be true. 

I think the fascination with house quilts, etc is pretty wide-spread. I don't think I'm alone in that.

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. Your embroidery is beautiful ; have fun catching up with your hearts and yes I think we are all drawn to house quilts :)

  2. Your "Life is Beautiful" blocks are wonderful. The pear just makes me swoon!! :)

  3. I just saw a Round the Garden done in Japense Taupes. Both are wonderful. It is such a beautiful pattern.

  4. the Round the Garden is wonderfully unique! I to saw it in Japanese Taupe's and it beautiful that way too

  5. Beautiful embroidery blocks... I especially enjoyed stitching the pear block.
    Love that quilt that is calling your name... it looks very labour intensive!

  6. I love your embroidered blocks. Your hearts are looking great also. The quilt you are considering looks like it will be quite a big project.

  7. No, you are not alone in the love of Houses. When I did a big pattern clean out a few years ago, I realized how many house/tree (and star) patterns I had in my collection. Your slow stitching is very nice.

  8. Your embroidered blocks are just lovely, Wow the round the garden is quite a pattern. Love the painting too.

  9. Your embroidery blocks are beautiful!