Sunday, September 4, 2016

Come On Get Happy

It's a lovely weekend and today I plan on taking it slow. I just want to enjoy puttering around in the yard and doing a bit of applique.

In my last post I showed the last piece to be appliqued to my FlowerGarden quilt. I may have been stretching the truth a bit. It was the last piece, kind of. 

I do have a bit of tweaking to do so that the quilt is pleasing to me in the end. Here is a picture from a while back showing bits that didn't seem to pop enough...
I'm not going to change all of those circled areas. I think the trees will be fine. I have though, gone ahead and changed up the cat...
...I like her much better!

This bird bothered me...
.....much better now....
These little changes have been worth it to me since the quilt has been such a huge project for a couple of years, I figure an extra morning of applique to fix it is not bad!

The last fix (I think) is the fountain...
....actually, not the fountain but the "water". It may have been ok if my background had been white, but it's actually green and pink. I did have some great suggestions come in for a fix for this, but in the end I have to re-do. I'm not usually a perfectionist, but if I don't fix this now I know it will always bother me.

I would like to try a technique on these little circles that I've heard about but not tried. A friend of mine actually reminded me of this technique the other day. It involves tiny elastics and starch and templates for the circles and you can check it out here.

 I didn't think I could try this method since I didn't think I had templates this small, but I just checked my Perfect Circles and there are four the right size. Hmm, time to try a new technique, I think!!

This morning I've taken a little break from the FlowerGarden and sat catching up with a few heart blocks for my Year in My Life/Quilty365...

The second one has had me singing Partridge Family tunes all morning....get it???....and has provided me with a title for today's post!

We went to see a movie last that I hadn't even heard of. It's called Florence Foster Jenkins and is based on a true story. It stars Meryl Streep. I highly recommend this movie. It was obvious that everyone in the theatre was enjoying it. I came out believing that Meryl Streep is truly the most talented actress of our generation.

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for some Slow Sunday Stitching and with Quilting is More Fun Than Housework for Oh Scrap!.


  1. Oh I love Meryl Streep; she is amazing.

    Your applique and this quilt are also amazing. Such a long term project but oh so beautiful. I like the bright kitty and the fix to the bird. I can see how in the end you want everything to jump out at you equally ..the fountain water circles are oh so pretty, though :)

  2. Oh no, Sandra, I will be singing that song all day! Your Flower Garden quilt is really gorgeous. I agree, now is the right time to make those changes. I think all the problems are just value, and need to be a little darker. Love the cat, too! It's going to be a masterpiece, truly.

  3. Your applique is stunning! It is so worth all the extra time to make it exactly the way you want it. Especially with as much work and time put in to it! Such patience!!!

  4. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful applique! It's especially fun up close. Hope you enjoy some slow stitching today - and thanks for the movie recommendation. Meryl Streep is definitely my favorite actress!

  5. Good for you for changing out the things on your appliqué you disliked! I am usually too lazy to do that and then the parts just bother me every time I look at the project!

  6. Beautiful applique but I'm like Tanya above I often don't change something because it annoys me that I did it wrong first time, but you are absolutely right this is gorgeous and deserves the best!!

  7. I think your little changes were very worthwhile...much better contrast! Good decision! Have fun stitching today.

  8. Sounds like the perfect day! Hoping to get outside and putter at my flowers, too.

  9. I don't often go back and make changes to my quilts but I do on appliqué. With all the work that goes into them, you want to really be proud of them in the end. Your quilt is going to be stunning! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  10. I agree if something doesn't make us happy we need to fix it. Learning or trying a new technique really makes it worth the time to do it. I saw Meryl Streep and Hugh Grant interview about that movie. I tend to watch all her movies as she is such an amazing actress

  11. As gorgeous as that quilt is, it deserves every tweak that will make it perfect! I'm just in awe of what you've made here! Stunning!

  12. Before I even read your comment I was humming the Partridge Family theme song. I still have all the records. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. I like the changes that you have made so far. That kitty looks much better. I am looking forward to seeing how you change the water from the fountain.

  13. I think this looks fantastic but absolutely agree that you should take the time to tweak the bits that bother you; it will be worth it in the end!

  14. LOVE your changes...they really help. I need to get an applique project started....yours makes me miss having something on hand.