Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A quilter's journey

I just want to pass along a "must read" post by Stephie Boon today at Dawn Chorus Studio.

You can read it here.

If ever someone wanted to know why we take part in this quilting hobby, her words just about sum it up!

I always think of each quilt as a journey. I'm not concerned that my quilts usually take a couple of years to finish. It's what it brings to my life each day....peace and reflection....and many friends!

When I hear people say that they just don't have the patience to do something like make a quilt, I know that they just don't "get it", and I don't try to explain because those people will have to find their own way to slow down the pace of their lives. 

I love that Stephie will finally get to cuddle up in her quilt and the memories that it holds.

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