Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day in My Life

Isn't Mother Nature funny! We had a bit of an ice storm last night and today is bright and sunny and not much wind. It seems to often be like that. 

I had to go out this morning and was a bit nervous of the roads.....there was some ice, but not too bad. On my way home it was totally fine. 

I thought I'd do a quick blogpost as I have an extra coffee for today in an attempt to stay awake. It was one of those mornings when you wake up at 3 and lay there for an hour before admitting that more sleep is just not going to happen!

I did get some nice applique done. I stitched down this little flower in my FlowerGarden quilt and I just had to take a picture. For some reason this little flower really pleases me! Funny, eh?
I am linking up with Quilty Folk for Audrey's monthly tally on our Quilty365...or as I'm calling mine, my Day in My Life.  

Here are 7 rows of 15 blocks....105 blocks! I have two more sewn and a few to catch up on. 
I'm very happy with the progress. I'm also very happy with the way the "scrappiness" is playing out since I'm doing this without any real plan to co-ordinate the blocks in any way. 

I once heard that if you make a scrap quilt out of your stash you are bound to love it since it is made up of all the fabrics that you originally bought for the very fact that you liked them! Makes sense to me!

I also want to share a blogpost by "Quilting is more fun than housework" which you can see HERE.

I've followed Cynthia for a short time, but I'm so surprised that I've never caught a glimpse of her Quilty365! I love it! I think if I had seen this in the beginning I definitely would have been "inspired" by Cynthia (meaning copied her, I suppose?). 

Well, off to enjoy my coffee and call my applique mentor. Always good conversation with her. The only problem is is that out of these recent conversations comes a niggling feeling that we will be starting a new applique project. Oh brother, what is wrong with this picture????

Have a lovely day!

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