Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I don't quite know how it happened but I've fallen a bit behind in my 365 Quilt Challenge blocks.

I felt so behind that yesterday I considered letting this project go.... 

.....but then I took a bit of time at the end of my day to do a bit of sewing and realised I still love these little blocks.

I like the little Scottie block, but it took me a few minutes to realise why it didn't look like the instructions. I did figure it out but it'll stay as-is. In the grand scope of this project, little oopsies will just blend in with the crowd!
I only have half of the centre medallion sewn, but that's ok, I'll get to the rest of it when I feel like it...
So, I am glad that I took a bit of time yesterday to do these really won't take much to catch up and it's shown me that I do still like this project. 

I'm also a little behind on my Quilty365/Day in my Life. 

Here's a reminder of my quilt so far...
I have to admit that I even wondered lately if I can keep this up for a year. I will though because I still love seeing this quilt grow month to month. I know I will very much like this quilt when it's done.

So I have prepped the blocks I need to get me caught up...
I'll take these to my monthly applique group this afternoon to stitch on....that's if I go. I have a sicko at home today, so I may have to pass on the outing. 

When I picked a fabric for March 14th, I was really hoping to find something to represent "Pi day".... I knew I didn't have any novelty fabric with "pie" on it, but I did think this one was kinda geometric looking...
I liked finding the ladybug fabric also, since they seem to be coming out of hibernation lately!

Seems like it will be another dreary day...hopefully you can sit back and do some stitching, perfect day for it!

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