Tuesday, May 31, 2016

....and now we wait....

Little Minnie is getting close to having her puppies.

My bet was for today....but I think she could wait another day now. She has started to make herself familiar with the whelping box we've prepared and her appetite is down a bit.

Cooper stays close, seeming to realise finally that something is going on!
If she's waited this long, I now kinda hope she gives me another day so I can finish this quilt in time for it to hang in Quilt Junction's booth at the upcoming quilt show this weekend being held at the Ancaster Fairgrounds.
The fabrics are beautiful. The background fabric is a linen/cotton blend...something different! I also have the opportunity on this quilt to try the new technique I learned in longarm classes with Bethanne Nemesh

The technique is named after Bethanne....Nemeshing.
A little scary trying something new, but fun at the same time!

This quilt comes after another custom-quilted quilt. I think I have four of the Haldimand Guild's BOM quilts to do and this is the first one...

Such a pretty quilt!

I'd better get back at it....have a wonderful day!

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