Sunday, November 12, 2017

Stitching on a Sunday

Another Sunday morning with some peaceful stitching to start the day. This week just flew by!

My Life is Beautiful embroidery had come to a halt because I couldn't find my thread....luckily I happened to find it, by chance, and could finish off this block, which took way too long...

....and I was able to start the next block.....

I would have liked to be working on the next rabbit for Down the Rabbit Hole, but it wasn't quite ready yet. I have one of the four leaping rabbits completed....

I like him! 

We've had a sudden cold snap around here. Can you tell.....

I swear sometimes that Minnie thinks we got a fireplace just so she could snooze in front of it!

I thought this was a nice picture to take on the trail in Port Dover yesterday, but looking at it all I can think is that leaf-less trees have come about too quickly this year!...

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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Taking it slow...

What a nice morning to take it slow and get some extra stitching done.

It's a dreary morning....and I'm glad it wasn't like this yesterday morning!

On Saturday morning I ran my first official 10k in the Hamilton Road2Hope. I ran a good strong race and was faster than expected. We ran along the beachfront in Hamilton and for me it was a lovely, reflective run. I thought back over the last year and what I have accomplished and I also thought fondly of people no longer with me. 

Here are myself, Paula and Uli ( two wonderful new friends I've made through running ), and my BIL and SIL, Bob and Elaine....who started their running journey in April. All of us feeling nervous for our first 10k!

Here are Paula and I trying to keep warm before racetime...

....and so special to cross the finish line with Bob. We've known each other for 37 years and I'm sure neither of us could imagine in our wildest dreams taking on this adventure.

So, it's been nice to take some extra time this morning and look back on the race while taking some stitches in my Down the Rabbit Hole...

This is certainly the part of slow stitching that is special...the peaceful time that it gives to reflect on the goings on in my life. I will never take this for granted.

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal....November

Image result for now that halloween is done christmas songs start image

November??? Really???

Now that Hallowe'en is done, get ready for Christmas music in the malls today. 

Wasn't it just Summer a couple of days ago? sure feels like it!

This morning I put a few stitches into this Life is Beautiful block...

I'd misplaced my embroidery floss for this project, but came across a bit so I could work on the block. I hope I can find more of this variegated floss as the shop that I originally bought it at has closed.

My monthly goal for November is to work on my Down the Rabbit Hole....

My goal is to applique the leaves onto the sunflowers in the corners of the piece and to complete the elongated hexagon border. Should be do-able!

This BOM has been designed and offered by Sarah Fielke. It's the second one I've joined in on. This week, Sarah has revealed the designs offered for 2018. That's right, she's offering two!! 

Just this weekend I said I wouldn't take part in the 2018 quilt...but, oh well, a girl can change her mind, right???

You can check out what Sarah has in store for us HERE. When you do one of Sarah's BOM's, you get monthly instruction plus an video tutorial and a great Facebook support system.

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Have a wonderful November day!

Monday, October 30, 2017

One Monthly Goal - October

This past weekend I was away at a quilting retreat.

Of course, for the week before that as I thought of what I'd like to work on, I was tossing projects into the Retreat bag.

Then, later last week I realised that I was getting close to my monthly goal of having my houses completed for Down the Rabbit Hole. I managed to get them stitched up and packed away for Retreat...

So, of course, Down the Rabbit Hole was added at the last moment to the Retreat bag!!

Everything fell together beautifully...

Now I'm at the "elongated hexagon" border. I love the two fabrics I chose....but sewn together to try out the border I'm not sure the floral fabric shows enough contrast :(

I'll just live with it for a bit since I still have to do a bit of applique on the piece before going forward. I'm telling myself that I could probably make the hexagons "pop" more with some strategic quilting....right??

I also got the next "clue" finished for the Magnolia Mystery offered by Meadow Mist Designs...

I have to say, after having the houses as my monthly goal a few times, it feels very good to have them done and I love how they turned out! 

There is even a couple of fussy-cut bit in the windows...

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for OMG - One Monthly Goal. Woohoo!!

Have a wonderful Fall day!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

PEI Mystery, Clue #2

Well, today it's finally starting to feel like Autumn.

The bit of rain we had last night brought down a ton of leaves...but still lots to come!

The days certainly fly by. I've still got this week to finish my monthly goal....not sure that's gonna happen. I did manage to squeeze in Clue #2 of the PEI MQG mystery...

Easy-peasy....ready for Month 3!

For my morning applique, I've been poking away at the sunflower blocks for my Down The Rabbit Hole...

Here is a one of the corner blocks....all that's needed are the leaves...

...and here is a corner block I was working on the other day....can anyone see the problem???......

As you may know, I took up running a little over a year ago. I'm still really enjoying it, although I'm not sure I'll ever be a long distance runner....we'll see.

I am training lately for my first official 10k race in a little over a week. Should be fun and is being held in the east end of Hamilton not far from where I grew up.

I've experienced some beautiful scenery the last couple of weeks while out on my long of the great benefits of running.

I ran a 5k in Caledonia on the Thanksgiving weekend. With the Scottish roots of that town, we were encouraged to dress the part. Not many did....but I found I quite enjoyed running in a kilt!

I even had my own kilt pin from when I was a little girl! I enjoyed running in a time will be at the Robbie Burns race in January.

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Well, back to work for me....have a great day!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

One Monthly Goal - October

I'm determined...this is the last month that this will be on the Goal list!!!

I'm talking about the "house" round of my Down the Rabbit Hole. There are ten different houses, repeated four times to go around the quilt. 

Here is a picture showing the four houses completed so far...

My fifth set of houses is half I'm getting there!

I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts for OMG-One Monthly Goal, which you can find HERE.

I had a great day yesterday volunteering at the Norfolk County Fair. I was helping lay out quilts, etc., for the judging of the quilts.

 So much fun seeing the process and hearing what the judges have to say about the quilts. I must say, seeing all the people at work to put the Fair together in time for today's opening was amazing. If you have the opportunity to pitch in one day, I say go for it!

While I type this, I'm hearing more music on the TV commemorating Tom Petty on the day after his death. So much talent, and a true artist.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Oh, the irony...

During this post I'll be humming "Isn't It Ironic" by Alanis Morrisette.

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Grand Quilt Guild in Fergus. One of the things I told them about myself is how I start every day with a bit of applique...or some kind of hand-sewing. Most people know this about me. I even went so far as to say that I couldn't remember the last time I didn't start my day this way.

Since then I've only been able to work on some embroidery as it's been difficult to find time to do some prep work for some applique. I thought it a bit ironic that I didn't have any applique after my statement at the trunk show......but it gets even more so....

Finally, on Wednesday I took an hour to get the next step prepped for my Down the Rabbit Hole...yay!....

Now, I'll take a moment to explain that I've had a lot of shoulder issues for a couple of months now. There is a lot of pain if I move it the wrong way, and I can only lift my arm about a quarter of the way that it should :(

I finally went to see someone about it yesterday....Jill at the Active Relief Centre in Hagersville. That place is wonderful...they really get to the root of the problem instead of throwing pills at you.

Seems like I've got a problem due to my morning ritual of hand-applique! I kinda thought it was gonna be the culprit. easy exercise is in order. Plus, the final irony.....after doing all that prep work the other more hand-sewing for a few weeks!!! 

On another note...

I'm taking part in the BOM that is being offered at the Haldimand Guild this year. It's called Botanical Beauty designed by TKHarrison.

The blocks are big and easy and I'm really liking it so far....

I will say this about the BOM. I'm so glad that our guild member, KH, got permission to use this pattern and we paid for it accordingly. 

There is an interesting article about pattern "stealing" and you can read about it HERE

It's easy to get permission to use a pattern in your quilting group. I think most designers can be quite accommodating. I remember one designer who gave her permission and all she asked in return was a fatquarter from each person taking part in the BOM! 

Ok, that's my rant of the day over and done with :)

Last week our puppies went on to live with their new families. Poor Minnie was a mess after looking after them. Her fur was matted terribly. 

I treated her to a spa day and she came back happy and adorable!

Finally, I have to admit that I've been lured into yet another online sewalong. This one is offered by Yvonne at Quilter Jetgirl and is called Wayward Transparency. You can read about it HERE.

The challenge here is getting the fabric selection right. Not sure if I accomplished that, but here are my fabrics...

I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the middle fabric is a Shot Cotton and picks up the yellow and the blue. I will be sewing the small version.

...and just to be accountable....I have yet again failed to get my houses all constructed on my Down the Rabbit Hole, which was my monthly goal. Maybe during my hiatus from hand-applique I could spend a bit more time piecing! So my design wall still looks like this...

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

It's been a while....

Wow, it's been a while since sitting down to write a post!

I've had my nose to the grindstone since the beginning of August to make sure I had clients' quilts done on the longarm that needed doing in time for the Fair. 

I was trying very hard to stay on-track so I'd have time to custom-quilt my Happy Days quilt and enter it into the Fair...

Well, a week ago I gave myself "permission" to leave the quilting of this one until another time.....and what an instant sense of relief I felt! This one can be in the Fair next year.

I haven't even had time to prep any it's just been a bit of embroidery lately with my morning coffee. I was able to complete this block and begin the next...

Somehow I've managed to complete Step 1 of the PEI Mystery quilt...

....and the Magnolia Mystery...

I am taking part in a KAL or a CAL (knit-along/crochet along). Not sure which yet until the patterns are released on October 1. This is part of a Facebook group devoted to Outlander and the patterns will be somewhat associated with the show. Honey Girl Farms has specially dyed wool to co-ordinate with characters from the book/show and I've chosen I've rolled a skein into a ball and am ready to start...

Last week, I had the pleasure of presenting my trunk show for the Grand Quilt Guild in Fergus. What a great group...lots of fun! 

Here's a picture someone from the guild sent to me with my "Moonlight Thru' the Trees", or as my husband calls it, "The Hack Job"...

And, finally, a picture of one our puppies. This is the weekend that they go to their new homes. Boy, the time has flown by!

That's all the catching up for's a busy weekend. Tomorrow is the Run for the Grapes in Niagara that I'll be running with quite a few of my NorthShore family. When I signed up for this one, I took comfort in the fact that it would be easier since the weather will have cooled off.....but, of course, that is not the case!!! It's supposed to feel like 40degrees this weekend!!! (which is 104 for you farenheit people!)

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Have a nice weekend....and stay cool and hydrated!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Many slow stitches....

I've had a nice start to my Sunday with my slow usual!

The last couple of mornings I've listened to an audio book while stitching and I've quite enjoyed it. I wasn't sure I wouldn't start daydreaming while listening to an audio book, so the first story I've chosen is an old favourite so I wouldn't worry about missing some...but it turns out it is quite easy to keep up with the narration!

This morning I've had a few pieces to put finishing touches on.

The first is an applique quilt that I gifted many years ago and has been well-loved. I think the quilt is called Prairie Flowers and I would love to do this pattern again one day as I still love it.

I was asked to repair the applique that has come loose. I know that none of us likes mending, and I've been putting this chore off all Summer, but to my surprise it was quite pleasing re-visiting this old favourite!

Most of the applique is still intact...but there were a few places that needed attention...

....and, all fixed....

Many parts of the vines around the border need repair. Surprising to me was that it didn't take too long to fix things up. 

Another bit of stitching this morning was putting the final stitches into the first Flowerville block. 

This is a project that doesn't see the light of day too often, but now that I've finished the first block I'm looking forward to starting the next.

Pretty, isn't it??

Then I turned my attention back to Down the Rabbit Hole. Here is what is on the design wall at the moment...

   The wedge design at the top is what I am working on now...just three more to go...

That's all for's going to be a busy one. I will be giving a trunk show this week and today is the day to get all packed up! It's quite the thing to gather up all the quilts, get them all folded just so so that they fit most economically into the suitcases....all in specific order for the evening's talk. Luckily, I have a very good assistant to help me! If any of you are in Fergus this week for the trunk show, come up and say hello!

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Have a wonderful day!

Friday, September 1, 2017

One Monthly Goal - September

My goal for September....drum roll, please.....

Once again, my monthly goal will be the row of houses for my Down the Rabbit Hole quilt. 

I think the houses have been my goal a couple of times in the past, but this month it's gonna happen!!!

Yesterday I finished binding my Along Came a Spider quilt (yes, my Tula Pink City Sampler has a new name), so I took a bit of time to prep the next round of the Rabbit Hole...the wedge row.

It's a bit easier than I thought it would be but I'm having trouble picking fabrics for some of it...

I posted my quandary on the Down the Rabbit Hole facebook page and I had a good suggestion. I'll post a picture when I try it!

Here's how it looks so far....

It's been a disappointing Summer for my perennial garden, but the Hibiscus has given a nice, bright show this week....

....and I've been asked for some puppy pictures, so I'm happy to share a few....

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Have a wonderful first day of September!