Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sunday Stitching

It's so nice to be on Christmas break!

People are always wanting snow for Christmas....a lot of times in recent years it just doesn't happen.

Well, this week has certainly made up for it. My Christmas break started with a Saturday morning run...

I was wishing for cross-country skis at this point of the run. It wasn't a terribly long run as I had a full day in store, but my legs are telling a different story today!....running in the snow really does use the muscles in a whole new way. I don't mind running in the cold, I actually prefer it, but I may think twice in the future about running in slippery conditions. We'll see.

After the morning run I had to rush home, have breakfast, shower and get going to my LQS for the monthly Border Creek Mystery class followed by a truly lovely lunch with an old friend. I think that is one of my favourite "over-50" activities..."doing lunch", lol.

Today I am ready to slow down a bit and start getting the house in order for Christmas, but I did begin the day with a bit of stitching, of course.

I took the time today to finally put a label on my A Year in My Life quilt. It had to get on the quilt as the six hearts included in the label make up part of the "year".

I hope you have time to visit with Kathy at Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. You'll be able to see what others are stitching on today!


  1. What a great quilt this will be.

  2. 365 hearts ! That's a lot of love in one quilt!

  3. Perfect label to finish off a creative year!

  4. You are disciplined to get your run in before your busy day. The heart quilt is very pretty. How nice you completed it within one year.

  5. Such an amazing quilt... and a perfect label!
    I don't even want to go outside in the snow, let alone run in it!!