Thursday, June 2, 2016

Puppy Love!

First I have an update on my Quilty365/Year in My Life quilt.

Here is how it looks today...

I started this project on November 12, 2015. This shows what I've sewn together up to May 10th. 

I have more blocks completed up to May 21st...I hope to spend a half hour today prepping the rest of the blocks up to today.

Here is a heart featuring a TulaPink fabric. I just had to include it since it reminds me of the actress who plays Claire in the Outlander series!

I've put out a message to a friend to see if I can steal a bit of "dog" fabric. I'd like to use it for yesterday's heart and I don't think I have a single piece of fabric featuring dogs!

I have followed a few bloggers that are also working on the Quilty365. One of them is Cynthia over at Quilting is More Fun Than Housework. If you can, check out her Quilty365....she does a circle each day then joins them with an HST to represent one week. It sounds like she has had enough of this project now, but she is going to have a beautiful quilt from what she has done!

I am linking up with Audrey over at Quilty Folk so we can see all the Quilty365 projects that are being shown this month.

So, now an update on puppies...

We started the day with poor, little Minnie trembling all over. I cuddled with her and soothed her and wrapped her in her blankie. That seemed to help...

At 9:30 she gave birth to pup #1, a girl. The next followed at 10:00...a boy. I thought that might be it. Minnie is a small dog, so I was figuring on two or three pups.

She settled with the two...then around 10:45 another started being born, but only the head emerged and stayed like that for a while. I was getting a little worried and thought of calling the vet...but then out popped #3, a girl, with a rush........followed within minutes by #4, another boy!!!

That brought us to 11:30. Minnie did a great job cleaning them up and stimulating them. At noon I took her outside for a pee break and she had a bit of water. I took that opportunity to clean out the whelping box and line it with a nice fresh towel. Such a sweet little family!

I rested a bit (it was a very emotional morning!), then at 1:10 I figured I'd head up and do a bit of sewing. I took a quick peek at Minnie and the pups. Awww, she was lying their feeding them and looked quite at ease. It took me a minute to notice, though, that there was a fifth puppy halfway out into the world!!!

#5 had me worried a bit. I wasn't sure he'd survive. He wasn't moving much and seemed to gag once in a while. I stroked him a bit and Minnie did her thing for about 10 minutes which did the trick, thankfully. 

So we have five puppies, Momma and Papa are doing fine! Actually, poor Cooper has looked quite baffled since it all happened! He was pacing the floor all during the births!

Here you are...your first peek...
Nature is truly amazing!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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