Friday, June 10, 2016

It's a Sew Day!

Since last Fall I've been involved in the latest mystery quilt put out by the people at Border Creek Station called Quilter's Legacy hosted in my area by Quilt Junction in Waterford.

Needless to say, once again I've fallen behind! 

Tomorrow is the final "clue" and we'll see the reveal. I've decided to take as much time as I can to try to catch up before then.

Things were going along fine 'til I realised that I hadn't completed a clue from months ago....128 HST's! 

I know I should have done this step with my Easy Angle Ruler, since it would mean no squaring up...

....but I decided to follow the pattern's method this time, which is this way...drawing lines on these 7" squares and sewing on either side of the lines, then cutting on the lines...
Since I don't think that this method is my forté, I have a feeling that a lot of squaring-up will be in my near future :(

On the bright side it will give me an opportunity to use my new BlocLoc ruler. I got it not too long ago, it was pricey, so maybe I should give it a try! I'll be sure to give a review!
I would encourage anyone who likes doing mystery quilts to try the ones put out annually by Border Creek. They are very well written and so organised! 

All along the way we complete the clues and put them in numbered baggies to keep organised...
Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be ready to empty all the baggies and assemble a king-size quilt with all the components!

Puppy Update

The pups are nine days old now. There are only a few changes to report so far. The three white ones...Buddy, Ana and Olaf are developing some barely-there cream markings. They have all grown quite alot in a week. I expect their eyes to start opening on the weekend.

Minnie takes longer breaks from them now. If they are all huddled in a pile napping she will come out of the box into the real world....sometimes to just take a nap herself in a sunbeam...
She is eating ALOT! I looked it up and read that her appetite could increase 25% per pup.....and I would say that is accurate!

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I can provide some actual action shots!!!

Have a great day!

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