Thursday, May 19, 2016



It's been five days of not being home. I'm taking it a bit slow this morning....on purpose. I feel exhausted so I've just got into some comfy clothes and will finally have a day to recuperate! 

The last two days were full-day classes in Fonthill at The Quilting Bee. They had brought in Bethanne Nemesh of White Arbor Quilting in Pennsylvania to teach her style of longarm quilting.

Bethanne is only the second person I know of that actually has a technique named for's called Nemeshing.

Here is a close-up of that technique...
So beautiful! Bethanne has won many, many awards!

Here are a couple more pictures that I took to share with you...

I wish I had signed up for today's class, also. It's called "The Devil is in the Details" and focuses on finishing techniques to up the wow-factor on your quilts. Oh well, Bethanne assures me that I can learn everything and more in her book of the same name.

I'd better get a move on now....back to the real world! What to do first....longarm, housework or yardwork? It all needs attention, but all I feel like is going back to bed, lol !

Have a great day!

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