Saturday, May 21, 2016

Blossoms and bumblebees!!

What a lovely time of year!

As the Spring days go on I enjoy peering around the garden to see what has made it through the winter.

I'm happy to see the hydrangea my sister gave us as a wedding present last year is peaking out...

I think it was called Bride's Blush. The flowers first appear white then turn a lovely barely-there blush pink.

...and the lily that our Scottish visitors bought us from the Simcoe market has made it's appearance, also...

In bloom at the moment, among other things, is my Canadian Redbud. Along with the beautiful blossoms it is full of big, fat, noisy bumblebees. They didn't mind at all that I came up close and personal to get a few pictures, they were intent on their job!

The time has come to prepare my "Circle" quilt for it's journey to the National Juried Show at Quilt Canada in Toronto next month. 

I've laid it out to make sure that there are no pet hairs, threads, etc., attached to it so it can be boxed up and ready to ship on Tuesday. It's hard to believe the time for Quilt Canada has come up so fast!

The time is also coming up fast for little Miss Minnie to have her first litter of puppies, I'm guessing in about ten days. She is such a feisty little thing (which is not my usual nickname for her!) but she is getting quite cuddly, so maybe that's a sign that she's almost ready? She is wanting me to hold her and stroke her. I think she's wondering what the heck is going on! Poor little bugger (which happens to be my usual nickname for her!).

...and here is Cooper, not a care in the world....but he does wonder why Minnie doesn't want to play as rough as usual or race around the yard like they like to do...

Last weekend I started a baby quilt for my new grandson who will be arriving into the world on June 21. I've been putting it off and realised I'd better get at it. Luckily, it's an easy one.....not so luckily, there is a lot of bias edges! I still have to add some borders but have stopped to hang it first on the design wall. Hmm, I think my longarmer will have something to say about this one! I sprayed it with starch and it seems to have been tamed...a bit. I'll just have to make sure it gets laundered before baby uses it, to get the starch out.
Hmm, hard to see the piecing in the picture, I think, because of the pastel colours. Quite a different colour scheme for me!

I now have to admit to another "start". What is wrong with me!? 

A few weeks back on one of Kathy's Quilts "Slow Sunday Stitching" posts there was this lovely embroidery shown by one of her followers. I loved it!....and have started it!....It's called Flowerville by Rosalie Dekker. I don't know if it was the whimsical design or the variegated threads...probably both!

So, this is what I was poking away at for some slow Sunday stitching this morning.

Check out Kathy's Quilts to see what others are stitching on today!

Have a wonderful Victoria Day weekend!

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