Monday, May 23, 2016

Victoria Day

On Sunday we had beautiful weather for our Victoria Day celebrations. Not everyone could make it home for a barbeque, but we had enough to make for a good time.

I tried an easy cake recipe...all it takes is an Angel Food cake mix and a large can of crushed pineapple.
It looked and smelled so good out of the oven...
....and it was a success! The cake turned out so fluffy and light, the perfect dessert after a heavy bbq dinner. I would agree with comments online that it is probably best with just a bit of whipped cream, no frosting.

The younger generation was in charge of fireworks and they did a great job. I found myself a little melancholy as the site of the day's activities took me back 20 years to another time. 

Today is starting out a bit slow (I'm really not used to staying up after 9p.m.!). I really wanted to work on the longarm today but the sunny day is calling my name! We'll see.

I did get a couple of hearts appliqued this morning for my Quilty365/Year in My Life and I think they're quite pretty...
Maybe some peaceful time in the garden is called for.

 I was excited yesterday to see some buds on my Wisteria. At first I didn't know what I was looking at, I've never seen Wisteria buds before!  The buds are a beautiful, bright lime green colour. I can't even remember what colour the flowers are supposed to be but I guess I'm about to find out! I think I planted it five or six years ago and this will be the first time it flowers. How exciting!

I hope everyone gets to relax today and enjoy the absolutely perfect weather we are having on this Victoria Day long weekend!

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