Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Close to a finish!

This week marks the ending of my Quilty365/Year in My Life applique project!

 So hard to believe this started a year ago and I've pretty much kept up.

Yesterday my husband had carpal tunnel surgery, so I prepped the last four hearts that I could and took them along to applique while I waited for him  ...

It's nice that these last few blocks actually represent something, as some of the blocks of the last few months are just fabrics picked willy-nilly. The sun-heart is for a grandbaby born this past week, the black heart in sadness as I remember the anniversary of my first husband's death, the gold leaves to represent the blanket of gold leaves out my kitchen window this week and the googly eyes just because I came across this in my stash and thought it was cute!

The last scheduled day for hearts is on Friday. I had mentioned in a previous post that I was wishing to find a poppy fabric to do the last heart as it will be Remembrance Day. Wouldn't you know it....a fellow blogger and new friend contacted me that she could help me out with the poppy! 

I walked out the mailbox a little while ago and found a nice surprise...

....a nice piece of pink poppy fabric to finish off this quilt! (thanks, SL!)

Quilters are so nice!

I think I will prepare that last little block and actually save it 'til Friday to applique!

Two days ago while I was working away I heard my dogs start to bark....which is unusual as they are generally pretty quiet. They were at the front window barking at this....

I know, not a great picture, but I had grabbed my phone and taken it in a hurry. It was Joe Roberts, a man who is walking across Canada to bring awareness to homelessness, #pushforchange

It reminded me of a time in late 1987/early 1988? We stood outside our house to watch the Olympic flame be carried by our house on the way to the Calgary Winter Olympics. I also have a picture of that, but who knows where it is at the moment!

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