Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting back on track (?)

What is it about this time of year?

I take a couple of weeks holiday over Christmas and New Year's with high hopes of working on my own projects, but the days go by so fast. Now here I am into the new year and should be thinking of getting back to the longarm but am so side-tracked!

I will get back to work today, but I will do so with a little New Year's promise to myself. I'd like to save the last hour of the afternoon for my own piecing. We'll see how that works out since I'm very much a morning person! I know, I could put aside the hour of 8a.m. possibly....but then I'd be off-course for the day.

I was able to finish up the binding on a client's quilt this morning with my coffee, so was able to do up a couple of my Day in My Life hearts....
I really like these ones. I'm thinking I should start sewing some of these together every so often so that I don't have 365 to sew together at the end of the year!

Anyone who uses Instagram can check out #quilty365 to see some other great projects by other people around the world.

I'm still keeping up with the 365 Challenge and especially like this little block. Most of my blocks are made of 30's reproductions, but this orange fabric happens to be one of the very few that are authentic 30's!
Well, I'd better get at gallivanting for me today!

Have a great, sunny day!

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