Sunday, April 8, 2018

Slow stitching...

So, it's another "winter wonderland" out my window this morning. I wonder if we will skip Spring all-together and go right into Summer weather?

I've been stitching away at my Down the Rabbit Hole. Another couple of days should see this border completed....

I was glad to have the applique class going on on Saturday at Quilt Junction because this happened...

Luckily my friend, Lana, had one more spool of the colour I needed in the shop! I'm using YLI Quilting has always been my favourite.

It was nice to spend some time appliqueing with the ladies on Saturday, as hand-quilting has been a priority at home for the last while.

Here is the block I'm working on at the class...

Not much to see yet, but I'll get more done soon. The blocks in this quilt are huge, I think 24"? This is from the book Fresh Picked by Blackbird Designs.

There are a lot of vines in the pattern. What I like to do is to get them all placed on the block, then baste them with a high-contrast thread (so I don't forget to remove the basting later!). This way I'm not having to worry about a lot of pinning.

I did take three days "off" of hand-quilting this week as my underneath thumb was a bit tender after being stabbed by the needle a couple of times. I took the couple of days to get a couple of sleeves sewn onto two quilts that need to be ready for the quilt show.

These are the quilts waiting to be prepped for the show...

I'm not sure what's going on with Minnie this week.....she really seems to be in a nesting, cuddly mood. She's been asking to sit with me during my stitching time, so I finally gave in for the last couple of days....

.....and I found her one morning nestled under a couple of quilts in the quilt cabinet....can you see her?....

Somehow she got behind and under the top quilt.

I hope to have another hour to do some hand-quilting today. I'd really like this border completed soon. My goal was to have the quilting done in 65 is Day 56. 

I've just discovered the world of podcasts and have listened to a couple the last two mornings of quilting-time. If anyone can recommend some good ones, I'd appreciate it.

I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching. Hopefully you can visit with her and see what others are stitching at today!


  1. Oh how cute she is hiding back there with the quilts! :) I listen to a lot of lectures on You Tube while I quilt...depends on your interest but I'll just type something in and lots show up to listen to. Currently listening to a man named Steven Greer talk about how the CIA was formed after the Roswell UFO incident and why Eisenhower warned against the " Military Industrial Complex " and it's rather fascinating

    You have so many pretty projects and quilts here....a nice break from listening to UFO stuff ha ha

  2. Your dog likes to be warm and cuddle under a quilt! Perfect! You’ve got lots of quilts ready for the show...I can’t wait to see them in person, and meet you too.

  3. Such an enjoyable read and such nice photos you are sharing! I run out of my Aurifil more than I run out of my YLI it seems... lol! Your photos gave me a good smile as does your way of writing about your week! Thanks for blogging :D Kathi

  4. I listen to 30 or 40 podcasts regularly. Some are knitting and spinning from my before learning to quilt days. When I first learned to quilt I went and listened to all of Alex Anderson’s old podcasts. All People Quilt with Pat Sloan keeps you up to date weekly on who has new books or fabric lines coming out. She finds really interesting people. Leah Day has Hello my Quilting friends. 51 episodes. Modern Sewciety has lots. Sometimes her southern enthusiasm gets to me though. Stephanie from Sit and Sew radio has 44 episodes and she opened a quilt shop recently. The New Zealand Quilt Show features NZ and she is more of an art quilter. She has lived with her family on a converted navy ship in a small harbour on the North Island. Elise Gets Crafty, While She Naps, Making, Crafty Planner, Seamwork, Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet and Stash are some ones that are not strictly quilting but do different creative things.

    For general topics I like Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Happier in Hollywood, her sisters one.

    And if you run out of podcasts, there are audiobooks from the library.

    I do listen at faster than normal speed. 1.5-1.75. Email if you have questions.