Monday, April 30, 2018

A finish, a fail, and a cool dog pic!

I've almost forgotten to post my "finish" for One Monthly Goal this month!

It's busy times least I can say, as of this morning, my quilts are ready for the upcoming quilt show this week. I attached the sleeve on the final quilt as I sat with my morning coffee today....yay!! At least, I think that's it....I'd better do a final check this afternoon.

Here is the info on the quilt show....hopefully you can join us to take in the 240 quilts that will be on display!

My goal for April was to have Down the Rabbit Hole completed and it did get done. It does feel a bit strange to be finished....but nice to be back to some other applique that was put on the back-burner the last couple of months.

May will be an extremely busy month and I think I will be a bit ambitious thinking that I can set a goal and get it finished....but here goes....

I've signed up for Sarah Fielke's Simple Folk BOM for 2018. I'm really liking it and hope to get the pieced blocks completed this month.

First I need to get all the little nine-patches sewn together....

.....and then it would be so awesome if I could get them sewn into these blocks (I think there are 12 or 13 of them)....

I do not intend on getting the little applique bit in the centre of the blocks done, though. That can come later.


I've had a bit of a "fail" lately, which I decided to correct before going any further.

I joined an applique project hosted by my LQS, Quilt Junction

Here is the first's large, about 24" square, I think.....

....hmmm, a bit of a fuzzy picture...sorry!

Anyway, in real life the greens really blend in with the background a bit too much, but I carried on. Then when I attached the purple leaf and it really got lost I knew I had to come to an executive opinion before investing anymore time in this quilt.

So, I went with my first instinct and switched up the background. I'll save the blue background fabrics for something in the future.

I am so much happier with the contrast of the fabrics against the red background that I've chosen...

I have to share a couple of photos of my running life this past week. I've had quite the adventures.

I've signed up for a trail race at the end of May and I have to admit that I've felt a bit nervous...even contemplated selling my spot in the race. 

One of my coaches from Learn to Run offered to take me out to sample the route that will be the race next instead of being nervous, I can't wait to go back!

It was absolutely beautiful. I think I may be a trail runner at heart! 

We did encounter a bit of mud as you can see by our shoes. I don't think I've ever run through the mud on purpose in my life! 

We came across a group that were taking this awesome picture of their dogs on a log. If we had been five minutes later we would have missed seeing them posing. 

My fitness tracker indicated that this run had the equivalent of 47 flights of stairs! Despite this, since I have trouble with hills, I still had a fantastic day.

Yesterday, my friend and I did a 10k run...which we have done a couple of times before...but we found it more impressive to think that we ran from one town to another on the trail.  Here we are running from Simcoe to Port Dover....

It was a bit tough....I think because I've put more kilometres that usual in in the last nine days....and because I was way overdressed. I did start to feel over-heated. Every run is a good run, though, and in this one I learned a couple of valuable lessons.

That's all for looks like Spring is finally coming this week, hopefully I can be outdoors a bit and enjoy it!

I am linking up with Elm Street Quilts for April's One Monthly Goal Finish.

.....and, because of time constraints, this post will also be linked to the May - One Monthly Goal  at Elm Street Quilts!


  1. I always love to see your beautiful applique work! Rabbithole is flat-out gorgeous, and I know Simple Folk will be, too. (I'm looking forward to watching your progress on that!)
    Cracking up about the dogs on a log!

  2. Your quilt is just awesome! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  3. Double OMG! One for the quilting goal and one is my exclamation at how lovely your quilt is! Congrats on a beautiful finish!!

  4. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Wish I lived close enough to visit it at the show this weekend! Congrats!

  5. Your Rabbit Hole is beautiful, with impressive quilting too. Congratulations on getting it completely finished.

  6. Lover your finished quilt and all the bright colors. That really made a difference on your block when you changed the background color. Great choice. Were the dogs your cheering squad?

  7. 9patches are fun blocks. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.