Sunday, April 15, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole....almost a real quilt!

Well, it's certainly been a good weekend so far to do some extra quilting and have some extra time in the sewing room. 

The tulips have been on hold at 2" tall for over a week now waiting for Spring to really make an appearance.

This should be my last slow Sunday stitching on my Down the Rabbit Hole. Woohoo! It will be done in time for the quilt show, after-all!!!

If I knew how much I would dislike the quilting of the house row, would I have put the houses in or not? Probably. They are cute but they sure have been a pain (literally and figuratively) to hand-quilt....many seams and a lot of them pressed open to reduce bulk.

I'd been truly stymied on how to quilt the "sky" portion of this row. I could have just left it blank, but I felt it needed something. 

I posted the problem on the Down the Rabbit Hole Facebook page and got a couple of suggestions. One of the suggestions was just right. A quilter had used this fabric herself in a quilt and quilted it free-form, just following the lines in the design. Perfect!

I'm quite happy with the effect! 

There is more quilting I would like to do on this quilt, but that's not going to happen right now. I may do a bit more quilting on it during the Summer. 


One of the services I offer as a longarm quilter is to baste quilts for hand-quilters. My friend, Sherill, is one of these quilters.

I asked her if I could show the quilt that was basted this week. I'm sharing it here as I'm sure she may be doing some slow-stitching on her quilt today......and because she was inspired to make this quilt from a post from Kathy's blog, so I thought Kathy may like to see the picture! :)

The quilt is a just looks a bit mooshy because of the basting and the lovely wool batting.

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. Today Kathy talks about resting. She is within range of the same ice storm this weekend that we are experiencing around here, so is housebound also.

It does feel a bit strange to take the time to rest. I noticed it yesterday and am sure I will again today, but it is nice to have a reason to not be rushing about. I am glad to have a hobby that is perfect for this kind of situation :)

Have a safe weekend....hopefully you can stay indoors and take it easy. 


  1. That fabric looks perfect for sky, and I think your quilting solution is just right! Love the close-up photos of your beautiful quilting!

  2. Love that sky - both the fabric and the quilting!

  3. Fabulous quilting. I love the effect the quilting in the sky gives xx

  4. Oh Sandra! That DtRH quilt is exquisite!! I would love to see it in person. Hmmm mebbe, one day... Good call on the sky and I like the echoes of the sun. Who knew on basting services? might have to pick your brain on that...

  5. i can’t wait to see your quilt in person....your show is next weekend, isn’t it?

  6. Your quilt looks fantastic well done with the hand quilting! Love the dog picture -thnkyou for sharing