Sunday, February 4, 2018

Slow stitching and a Scottish Fry-up

What a blustery morning....feels like a good day for an extra cup of tea and a few extra stitches!

It always feels good to start a new I right???

The final piecing of my Down the Rabbit Hole came just in time to begin this year's Sarah Fielke BOM...Simple Folk.

Sarah is actually offering two quilts this year, the second starts in a couple of months ( and I may even participate in that one, too! ). 

Here is my first block of Simple Folk started...

The background is a bit deeper indigo in real life and there are hints of purple running through it. 

The corners of the applique blocks will be "snowballed" and up to yesterday I was in a real quandary of what fabric would be best. 

I was at Quilt Junction in Waterford on Saturday and walked through the shop with my block in hand and an open mind. Luckily I found something in a turquoise colour, not at all what I imagined at all. The next time you see this block it should have the corners on and it should look wonderful!

I'll be at the longarm today for just an hour to finish my Happy Days quilt. I think I have only about 20 minutes of quilting to do and then I will attach the binding while the quilt is still on the machine.

Along with sewing the binding down this week, I'll have to repair this...

...a little speck of blood. Why couldn't I have noticed this at the applique stage??? I can't believe I missed it. And look how close it is to the edge of the quilt....a half inch over and it would have been hidden by the binding! Oh'll be all good in the end.

I'd better finish off much as I'm trying to eat healthier, this morning I'm giving in to one of my husband's Scottish Fry-ups for breakfast....can we say "heart attack on a plate"? Nice to indulge, though, once in a blue moon....and we did have a blue moon this past week, right??? 

Image result for english fry up images

I don't know if ours will be exactly as pictured, but you get the idea. Square-cut sausage, black pudding, eggs, bacon, tattie scones, etc.

I am linking up with Kathy's Quilts for Slow Sunday Stitching. I think it will be a nice day to visit with all the quilters who will be linking up their Slow Sunday Stitching today!

Have a wonderful Winter's day!


  1. The Simple Folk block looks like fun, and the breakfast looks yummy!

  2. Looks like you have got a nice start to your block. I think it is going to be so pretty when done.

  3. I am soooo happy - I have ordered Down the Rabbit Hole!!!!! Trying to decide if I want to wait or join in the BOM's. I love your block and the background color looks great. Will the entire background be the same fabric?

  4. That new block looks fabulous! And that breakfast looks really tempting! (I'm a sucker for fried anything, I admit!)

  5. Oh, no, bad blood spot, bad! How do you get old blood spots out? Or are you just going to applique a cute bug on it or something? I am **in love** with your indigo background for Simple Folk! Really nice fabric choices there, and I'm sure the turquoise will be wonderful on the corners.

  6. I adore that Simple Folk block. The background fabric is so pretty. I think the turquoise will be perfect.

  7. If the blood is yours you can use your own saliva to get it out. Sounds gross I know but it's a fact not a granny tale. I usually have a chew at a bit of cotton then dab it until it goes. Snag is I haven't tried it on an old patch (usually know when I've stabbed myself....), but it may still work. Worth a go? The applique is lovely, look forward to seeing the completed block. Elaine

  8. I love your new block. I hope you enjoyed your full Scottish - the best breakfast in the world!!