Sunday, February 18, 2018

More Down the Rabbit Hole

It's nice to sit at my regular routine of morning hand-stitching.

This week has been all about Down the Rabbit Hole (except for a bit of binding that needed doing).

As I quilt along, I enjoy seeing the fussy-cutting in this quilt!

Any hand-quilter knows that once in a while you have to take a peek at the back to see how things are looking. I'm loving how the quilting design is looking on this backing!....

Last week I had a suggestion from Julie at Pink Doxies to try using a compression glove, that maybe it would help with the wrist problems I've been having. I couldn't find one in my neighbourhood so I turned to Amazon....and two days later, voila!!...

I can't explain how, but it does make my quilting more comfortable....thanks for the tip, Julie!

I think I will still be on the hunt for a better one, though. This one has a seam on the inside right near the wrist which I'm not terribly fussy about.

I'm enjoying journalling my progress of the quilting of this quilt on Instagram. I'm thinking it's helping me to do a bit of quilting everyday so that I'll hopefully have this one ready for our quilt show.

The next few days will be so busy. Tomorrow is a holiday here called Family Day. There will be lots of activities around for families to enjoy together. 

One of these takes place in Selkirk, Ontario (not far from me)...they have something they call Heritage Day and it takes place in the community hall. 

We will be showcasing all kinds of old-timey stuff at Heritage day....

.....homemade ice cream served in cones for a dime
.....wonderful live music
.....homemade sausage served on homemade bread with homemade butter and homemade sauerkraut!
....there's a man with an antique rope-making device and the children get to try it out and take home a bit of rope they make themselves
.....lots of crafts, such as spinning, wooden toys, smocking and, of course, quilting! 

Everyone enjoys looking at all there is to see and the children seem to enjoy it.

I will be manning the quilting booth with my friend, Sherill. We will also have a small quilt set up on a frame so if you're in the neighbourhood,  stop in....I'll have a couple of extra thimbles so people can sit and put a few stitches into the quilt!

Today I am linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching, where we get to see what others are working on today. 


  1. I have gone through so many compression gloves/braces I wish I could find one that is comfortable, I feel I have wasted a lot of money with these. The quilt is wonderful and your quilting is really nice love to see hand quilting.

  2. Lovely quilting...nice to revisit all the rabbits as you go along!

  3. How unique to have the fussy cut bunny as a flower center in your rabbit style quilt.

  4. I love those bunnies and the backing fabric is nearly as fun as the front of your quilt, enjoy your busy week sounds like some fun activities.

  5. Your quilting is beautiful and even! Heritage day sounds like it will be fun, enjoy!

  6. So looking forward to Heritage day! It is so much fun!

  7. Enjoy your holiday. Your quilt is looking wonderful.

  8. Your quilting is very nice. I'd love to look at my quilting as I go along but I quilt on a floor frame so I don't get to see it until I take it off the frame.
    Have fun tomorrow.

  9. Thank you for that back shot; WOW your hand-quilting is beautiful on the back, and I love that backing fabric! I'd love to see you in action (hint, make a video for IG please?!). Have fun today, Family Day. I am missing being home today; not the same although it is a holiday.

  10. I'm with Sandra. What gorgeous quilting from the backside as well! I'm tickled to hear the glove is working out, and how it goes long term. I just love looking at all these pictures so please keep them coming.

  11. I found compression gloves in the fabric notions department at (GASP!) Walmart! I find them very helpful, lost parts of the pair, bought another set, found again, now can layer them over each other if needed for more compression. They come in green.