Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day, xo

So far this week has been a week of "fails".

I attempted a bit of paper-piecing. Eventually the inevitable happens... of these things is not like the other! Also, it was the second time I did this within the hour, so I walked away....maybe later today I'll try again.

I haven't worked on my Dutch Treat blocks in a few months, so I prepped one to work on at guild last week and I finished it up over the last couple of days. Why oh why is reverse applique so difficult???!!! I'm not particularly happy with this, but it's the best I can do so it stays...

Enough about that!

On the weekend I threw some fat quarters that are for a new applique project into the washing machine with my regular laundry. Usually all the threads that come loose end up in the lint trap, right? 

Well, who knew that my husband's socks must be some form of Velcro....

I should have thought of taking a picture of the whole week's worth of socks that were exactly the same, but I didn't think of it 'til this last one, haha!!

I lamented the other day about my sore, swollen wrist which I think may be from my hand-quilting this past week.  One nice thing about blogging is that you do get some help from readers.

I had a comment from Julie at Pink Doxies to possibly try a compression glove while I'm quilting. I've ordered one and will look forward to trying this....thanks, Julie!

I suggest visiting Julie for a look at her post on How To Create Quilts With Drama. It's a good read and she offers some valuable tips.

I returned to my Down the Rabbit Hole today after a couple of days off so I could finish binding another quilt. 

I left the thimble in the picture so you could get an idea of the scale of the rabbits. I'm not sure how to quilt the rabbits, they will definitely need something. For now, I'll just SID and return to them later....

Writing this post has brought some thought about my hand-work. I have had many "mature" friends over the years worry that their work is deteriorating due to physical limitations....eyesight, arthritis, etc. I've always commented to this by saying they should just enjoy their craft and not worry about perfection. I think the time is coming for me to practice what I preach. There are definitely some days that my hands waver a bit holding the needle. 

I am going to choose to look at it this way...

My quilting journey is full of many chapters and I want to enjoy them all. My first quilts, like many of us, are obviously "first quilts"! Then they progress and become our best work. Now, in my middle-age, my stitches are changing once again. But I will make the choice to enjoy my craft for what it is on any given day....because I quilt to make me happy....and I choose to be happy because it is good for my health (that last bit is a quote, not actually my words!).

I remember as a hockey mom some parents being so upset at their child's performance. I would say to them to give the child a break, because on any given day that child is doing their best on that day. This philosophy has stuck with my in different ways over the years, and now I will use it in my stitching. at the end of this long (boring?) self-realization I look back at the photo of my Dutch Treat block and think it's's the best I can do today!!!

lol....thanks for sticking with my if you're still reading along!!!, this is not the blog post I started out writing a half hour ago!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Good attitude, enjoy each time in its season, and don't sweat the small stuff. Finished is always better than perfect anyway, LOL!!

  2. As a newer quilter I think your Dutch block is fantastic. It looks really complicated and fiddly. I wouldn't even attempt it. I say good job.

  3. Enjoyment is so much better than perfection! Your work always looks perfect to me!

  4. Love your attitude! I would also say it's not the end result, but the journey along the way that's the most satisfying. And we all have good days, and bad - just don't let the bad get you down! And the reverse applique looks good to me!

  5. I just finished a post about needing more light so everything you're saying rings true for me. And there are things we can do to assist ourselves, but not always. We will all age. I learned yesterday that preventing the repetitive injury is probably better than treating the result. I know other quilters who use the gloves, have a pair myself, and hope they work for you. The other thing I went back to in the past month was walking on the treadmill before I allow myself to quilt. Quilting isn't exactly a cardiovascular workout, and I want to still be here in 40-50 years to enjoy it so it's preemptive on my part. I guess our mothers' advice to sit up straight, walk with our shoulders back, and turn on the light to read were good advice for our health. It just took me decades to listen.

    Hope that wrist is feeling better, and I think your work is just fabulous!

  6. Julie is very wise indeed and such a good friend in QBL and IRL. We should talk about going together to her retreat this Fall... I’m with her on needing more light; my eyesight is what is upsetting to me. In order to appliqué or hand stitch because I don’t even attempt to hand appliqué anymore-sniff,so I SO admire your work-I have to take my glasses off! Said glasses are progressive lenses too but I find I see better for fine work without them on. Your reverse appliqué I thought was beautiful and well your hand appliqué out of this world and to even think you’re hand quilting that huge quilt—!!! Good advice to not be so hard on oneself, and to accept the stage where one is, not that we don’t stop striving to do our best. This is a great post, Sandra. Funny how one starts off with something in mind and goes off on a tangent but a worthy tangent.

  7. We will all get there if we are blessed. I started Dutch Treat about 10 years ago. The problem with this quilt is finding fabric for the top when doing the reverse applique that does not ravel. I do not think I have found any yet and I do not want to use starch or glue. Maybe someday!!!