Thursday, November 12, 2015

Help ma' Boab!

A rough translation for the title of this post would be "goodness, gracious me"!

I'm actually considering another project....what's wrong with me???

I was reading a blog this morning by Stephie at Dawn Chorus Studio which you can also read HERE.

 She talks about taking part in a Quilt-along (aka QAL) with Audrey at Quilty Folk which you can check out HERE. 

The concept is to make a small circle block each day, picking out fabrics that reflect your mood on that day. It's even suggested to write the date on the back of the block in the seam allowance so if you choose to assemble the blocks in chronological order you will have that option since you thought ahead to date them!

Now, Stephie's blocks are beautiful, and she says it will only take about an hour a day to pick out fabrics and do the block. An hour????, hmm, I don't think I will stick with it if it takes an hour. I'm thinking, though, that some days could be spent on a more intricate circle, but a lot of time it really could take much less time.

I just recently completed my Circle quilt, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so I'm tempted!

Then a far-off memory niggled in my head....I'm pretty sure I had wanted to do something similar at least 10 years ago with small heart blocks! How come this memory can come forward but I can't remember what I had for dinner two nights ago?! Even as I was in the shower this morning another picture came to mind....I think the couple of blocks are in the drawer of my "applique table"....and sure enough.....

These are only about 3.5" blocks, so quite do-able. I'm pretty sure these were done at least 10 years ago!

So, I'm posting the "button" on the side of my page to the right, entitled Quilty 365. I'm going to think on this for a couple of days. Audrey says we can start anytime, so I don't feel the urge to jump right in. Will I follow the group and do circles?, or stick with my original heart blocks?

I hope to hear from a couple of my quilting friends saying that they would like to join in, also! How about it????

Have a great day!

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