Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A cheerful "Day in My Life"

A cheerful day....because the incredible weather is still holding on this late in November, and because this quilt on the longarm just cheers me up....

I'm wondering if this is the first Kaffe Fassett quilt I have quilted for a client? I think maybe it is! The large blocks are perfect for showcasing the fabrics. 

I am also cheered by the fact that I get to meet an old friend for lunch on such a sunny day. Woohoo! I have to say that now that I am at this stage of my life, going on lunch dates is one of my favourite outings to do. Every chapter of our lives has it's perks, and going for lunch with a friend is definitely high on my list.

Just working with this quilt today makes me want to go visit a quilt shop, but I will resist that urge and save that for another day. 

I have been influenced by the mood of the day to do a bright heart for my Day in My Life project....again, a project started by following Quilty Folk's Quilty365!

 I guess you would almost think it's Spring-time by the look of this block....and it almost feels like Spring out there!

Again, you can see on this unfinished heart how I like to finger-press my seam before doing needleturn applique. This has improved my work tenfold and is easier to do, as well.

I have a feeling looking at this heart that I may be inclined to fussy-cut along this journey. I also notice that the day-by-day hearts are in no way going to be matchy-matchy...and that suits me fine. I know a lot of people need to have more of a controlled theme, and that's ok, too! Afterall these quilts are for our enjoyment, right?

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