Friday, November 13, 2015

A Day in My Life

Well, after much thought I've made some quilty decisions...

I AM going to take part in Quilty365 that I posted about yesterday.....

....and I AM NOT going to take part in Allietare, Bonnie Hunter's upcoming mystery!

I don't have much time to piece, and was already feeling a bit of anxiety at the thought of trying to keep up with Bonnie's mystery, especially since on this upcoming Saturday I start a new Border Creek mystery at Quilt Junction in Waterford.

As a longarmer, this is my busy time of year, so one labour-intensive project is enough!

As for Quilty365, here is my first block....

.....and here is the back...

I have decided to cut my backgrounds at 3.75", to be trimmed to 3.5". They will probably be in the buttery colour that I like for backgrounds, but that could change depending on my mood each day!

This circle was done using a 2" Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circle. Many of my circles will be using this size, but I'm sure that I will mix this up to make it interesting!

I picked the fabric that was peeking at me from a pile of scraps because I thought it would be a fresh look for a new project....or it could mean I'm bloomin crazy for starting a new UFO!!!

When I finished this first block, I pinned it up on the design wall so I wouldn't misplace it. Boy, does it look tiny! My first thought was to take the project up to 4.5" blocks, but no, I'm going to stick to this size......I think.

Later this same day.......

Well, another change of plans! I still love the idea of this project, but I think I'll go back to my long-ago idea of small hearts.

As I was sitting coming to this conclusion, a Beatles song that I like was running thru' my head. It's a favourite of mine called A Day in the Life and you can hear it HERE. This is what I will call my daily heart blocks, A Day in My Life, since each little block is to reflect each particular day!

I will include the circle block as my first block, I think, but here's a look at my first official heart block.....

I like it!....and I like the idea of this project. As I said yesterday, it would be awesome if some of my friends are inspired to take part, as well, be it with circles or hearts or whatever! My only advice would be to keep it simple or you'll be setting yourself up to fail.

I also sit here thinking of the group of ladies involved in my applique class last month. I wonder if any of them are bitten by the bug of hand-work? If so, this may be a fun little project...but if you need to make it more manageable, try a small block per week, perhaps?

The wind is still strong in my neighbourhood. I think it's supposed to be nicer out on the weekend, which is a good thing since we've decided to take a day-trip to Sparta. I've always wanted to go since I hear good things. It will also be a first trip of it's kind with the pups. Hopefully they will enjoy the day!

Have a great day!

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