Sunday, June 14, 2015

Stitching on a Sunday

What's a girl to do when her day starts way earlier than normal? Hmmm, start a new block from Life is Beautiful!

I haven't looked through all the blocks, so when I reach for the next one in the box it's always a nice surprise because every block so far has been so cute.

I finished my Flower Garden block this week and I hope I can sneak in a moment or two to prepare the next block. This has been such an enjoyable project. It's a little intimidating to think that after all the blocks are done it seems like the applique will not even be half done, as the border is loaded!

People may like this type of quilt....or not....but one thing is for certain, it will definitely be a quilt with a huge "wow" factor!

A few of my friends are working away at the same quilt and they will all look so unique. One is using Kaffe Fassett fabrics as well but is much more experienced in using these fabrics than I am. Another is with batiks, then there's the William Morris and the other is using her stash. So much fun!

I'm not sure about the fabric choice in this block but I think some quilting will make the difference in the end.....I hope.

I definitely feel like taking a day to just play in the garden and sewing room but our wedding day is racing toward us. Today I am determined that the bathroom reno will be finally done! Some finishing touches and we can be proud of what we have done! This week I should include a post with some before and after shots.

One "little" job done this week was making pillowcases. These are pretty slick to make and come out pretty nice. We will have three houseguests from Scotland for two weeks over the wedding and I thought it would be a nice touch to have these Canada-themed pillowcases for them to use and then take home as souvenirs. Nice, huh? Only trouble was that even though these pillowcases are quick and easy, for some reason my brain has a hard time with them...everytime! This time it was the French seams. Not hard to do and I won't even admit the trouble I had, but a nice finishing touch for sure. I'm not one to curse but I have to admit a few choice words were uttered! In then end, I'm happy with the result...

Have a look at other people's stitches over on Kathy's blog at Kathy's Quilts.

We had weird weather this past week, with severe weather warnings, including tornado watches. I battened down the hatches outside and, in the end, I had nothing here except for some strong winds. Poor little Cooper must have sensed something in the air, though, because as I was sitting ripping out stitches on the previously-mentioned pillowcases (!!!!!), he hopped right onto my lap and snuggled right in. He's not usually allowed on this chair because I'm usually stitching, but I couldn't help but let it go this time. And, really, who could resist!

Have a great day!

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